Twelve vs Oro

First of all, I can beat a turtling, dry, defensive Oro quite easily. Oro hanging back gives Twelve a chance to dictate the pace of the match and when that happens, it’s pretty straight forward to grind out a win.

But I can’t say the same about playing a rushdown Oro. In fact, rushdown Oro gives me a bigger headache than Urien or Ken! Any ideas, tips, strategies, anything? It’s a real grey area for me right now because I’m not used to fighting Oro.


  1. His double-jump matches Twelve for mobility and he can outpoke Twelve in the air. Twelve’s EX dive and EX AXE in the air gets stuffed by Oro’s jumping roundhouse.
  2. Oro can outpoke Twelve on the ground too. Standing strong, crouching strong and standing roundhouse beat anything Twelve has to offer.
  3. One mistake - one pissing, stupid, measly, predictable mistake - and Oro can parry, MP launcher into whatever into Tengu Stone. Round over.
  4. When Twelve does get Oro grounded, that stupid uppercut beats anything he tries.

So… anyone?

Every Oro player I’ve ever seen jumps around A LOT. And, as you said, his air poke priority owns ours. So…stay on the ground. When he jumps, walk/dash into different positions below him, and NDL, EX NDL, or XNDL him as he falls.

It seems really weird to stay on the ground with Twelve, but give it a try. :wink:

Doesn’t really work.

Oro can play annoying cross-up games with his double jump and easily land his launcher that way (or tick into grab or tick into overhead or whatever else he wants to do).

EX NDL and XNDL do work as anti-airs but you don’t have enough meter to keep it up the entire round. Regular NDL flatout doesn’t work.

If I was a Twelve player I know this is one match I would just grind my teeth over. Ibuki vs. Oro is bad enough.

And that’s pretty much what’s happening… any suggestions? (About the match-up, not the teeth grinding!)

Can’t really tell you a whole lot. I mean really I should considering my regular sparring partner is an adept Oro player. He’s in Japan right now and will be participating in the last chance SBO quals. We’re like the mid tier wonders of the area (where we live in the US). :lol:

The problem is that Ibuki generally has better tools in this matchup than Twelve. Twelve’s game is pretty much based around staying in the air because that’s where he can work his mind games and eventually start doing damage. Problem is Oro will love that because once he has meter a parried jumping attack = half life.

A good Twelve player will know to mix the timings to make it risky to try s.MP but generally Oro is not going to take that much damage from a jump in or even making a big mistake. Nothing that he can’t easily come back from by connecting another s.MP. I guess that’s the other issue. Oro doesn’t really need meter to begin with because one s.MP will fill up 80 percent of his bar (after chicken combo). If he’s hit you once or twice already before he connects the s.MP…GG’s Twelve.

I like to mess around with Twelve and generally the matchup would have to be played more ground oriented since jumping in on a standing Oro is hella risky. Probably even more risky than Ken or Makoto. Luckily when it comes to the ground game Oro can’t do damage from a distance (well…not half life damage) so you can use your pokes to gain some advantage. I’m not sure which of Twelve’s pokes work against Oro but I can imagine c.LK and c.MK would be the better ones to use.

Unfortunately you can’t do any real damage with those pokes from a distance. You can only do damage off of c.LK at close range and ONLY when you have a full meter stocked. Not to mention like you said earlier…c.LK and c.MK still priority wise dont hold a candle to Oro’s pokes. Unlike say Ibuki who doesn’t even need meter to start doing actual damage to Oro which can also lead to knockdowns. She also has rather strong pokes like s.MK, c.MK and f+HK which can go back and forth with his pokes easy. Oro has a tough time punishing these pokes outside of maybe s.HK from a distance. Which does stun but won’t give him a clear advantage.

When it comes to Twelve c.LK/MK as pokes is the same strategy against a lot of the cast. I would say you can try jumping on him once in a while if you get a knockdown. Other than that though IMO this matchup is a lot of baiting and anticipation that’s never really in your favor to begin with.

Wish I could be of help but I havent playe a Oro player in more than a year almost lol

I’d say wait for a projectile and manuever over it and stop short with HK, to whiff and punish any possible AA attempt. Stick to the ground as well, play footsie games with the usual pokes.

Hmmm. I guess I’m just going to have to force myself into this match-up as often as possible, playing multiple Kens and Uriens have certainly made that match-up much easier for me so the same will ring true for Oro. I didn’t even consider Oro a problem until this one Oro player start rushing me down, which left me clueless.

You’re right about the poking losing out to Oro, DJ. That’s what makes it harder, Twelve can’t win in the air OR on the ground. Still, I’ll figure you out Oro… one day… shakes fist like an old man

There is a way to win this match up. You need to be in the air and be as quick as possible. Oro owns twelve in every aspect but range. Oro is one short mother fucker. And so are his pokes. Twelves pokes can be quite good against Oro, because he is short. Oro wants to get close, and basically to win this match up you need to out manuever at the right times. Oro is not as good as twelve in the air. It might seem impossible, but Twelve has more options and variability. And especially, more range. I would say abuse air fierce vs Oro. Even if he parries he has nearly nothing to punish with. Air strong is quite good as well.

If you are going to use twelve for this matchup, your execution has to be on point. Any fuck up means gg vs Oro.

I’ll try that.

Also, theory fighter here (as I likely won’t be playing this Oro player for a few weeks), how high can Oro including a double-jump? Is it higher than Twelve’s super jump? I’m just wondering if Twelve can get above Oro in the air and hit him with air roundhouse or not.

I think Oro’s double jump is higher. I seem to recall Oro’s double jump making the screen scroll upwards, and I don’t think Twelve’s superjump does. I could just be crazy though, so get a second opinion…

Twelve’s super jump does make the screen scroll upwards. I just can’t remember which is higher and I don’t have the game at home anymore to test.

I’ll tell you what, I’ll head over to the arcade on my lunch break and find out for you. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks like Oro’s doublejump is higher.

Pfffft, stupid Oro…

I think another thing to keep in mind is keep your ADs to a minimum. Oro is bound to throw out lots of stupid air-fireballs, and you can’t parry them if you AD into them. Try using dives to get in close. I’ve found that the recovery time on the dive is short enough that you can whiff the dive right in front of them and then throw some quick pokes out as soon as you finish rolling.

You’re right about the air-dash thing (though to be honest, it’s worth taking the risk unlike with Urien’s fireball) but using dives is risky. I’ve weened myself off doing them unless a) it’s the EX version and b) as one way to get out of corners because if it’s parried/blocked/the other player can react to whiffed dive, it’s your ass. Oro only needs about 3/4 meter for him to go into a full Tengu Stone combo off a whiffed dive, if he reacts quickly enough to it. I know I’ve had Ken players cr.MK xx Shippu whiffed dives on reaction, so I’m pretty sure Oro can do the same with his MP launcher (maybe the shorter range makes it harder though? Worth trying…)

I think I just need to play Oro over and over and over again to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Like I say, it’s weird because I’ve played ElCarpeto (UK head) several times over the years and his Oro is very defensive… and yet I didn’t really have any headaches against that playing style at all. This rushdown Oro is a new thing for me.

I think it’s pretty much 12 vs. any one = Pray.

Yellow 12 for the win though.

One of my friends is an avid 12 player as I am a avid Oro player. When I get the chance, I’ll film some matches and post them.

Ha ha, ain’t that the truth!

It’s more not knowing what to do that’s frustrating against Oro, the total lack of gameplan. I still lose to the majority of decent Ken and Urien players I face but at least I have a plan to deal with them. Oro is just a grey area.

Yeah, please do :slight_smile:

This is the video of [media=youtube]AH1n1noxU0U[/media], taken from the quarter-finals of the last UK RB. I get banged up :’(