Twilght Saga continues with the Masterpiece Eclipse


So yea…after the huge success of new moon (which shitted on Dark knights record btw) I know many of you guys seen it by now. Forced or not. The twilight saga is just too dope son!

This is how a real saga is done…fuck that gay lharry potter shit, or that star trak shit…Twilight is where its at! Plus Ashley Greene>>>>>

So whos going to see this classic in the making?? Move over Godfather, you had your time to shine for like 30+ yrs.


You best be trolling Epidemic.




I honestly thought you were joking last time.

Guess I was wrong. :coffee:


One of many times I’m glad I don’t have kids or a retarded girlfriend.


HAhAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This thread will get trolled so hard. Best to just lock it now


I’m glad I got a kid who’s not old enough.

Wife’s on her own with this.


Joking?? I already bought new moon five times on bluray…its that good.


I’d rather be a cornball than a ***.


Yea…go watch your manly superhero movies with grown men parading around in spandex…its totally hetero


This thread proves you have shitty taste in books and movies.


My taste is Holy

Official Trailer!! What!!


Lol, I remember the last thread The Epidemic made for Twilight.
He’s serious.


I asked my sister a while ago if she’s ever see or read Twilight. Her response was that she refuses to touch that sparkly emo crap.

Brought a tear of joy to my eye.


Show me a non photoshopped picture of you with 5 blu ray new moon cases, and I will believe you.


Hey hey now I know we 05 dudes and all but that doesn’t mean we have to do everything 5 times.


Twilight. Huh.

Now it makes sense why you don’t like squats.



This is amazing, and has kept me entertained for hours.


anyway here is me in line for twilight eclipse vip tickets


Damn you pulled a Michael Jackson and went from black to white?

Where they do that at?