Twilight Series Thread

Hello y’all,

How many of you ******* have read this? I know DaDesiCanadian has :razz: Discuss!

never read it…laughed at it in theaters.

never seen a theater smell more like fish than when i saw new moon

HAHAH. Taylor Lautner getting all the ladies. I was hearing how even grown women GASPED when the dude took off his shirt lol.

lol these bitches not only gasped they were hollerin at the fucking screen. i got ran down by a bunch of 14 yr olds before the movie even began like they were gonna miss the shit.

You know a movie sucks when the porno parody has better acting and a more coherent plot.

There was a thread not so long ago by Taito of Things in life you would put to the ignore list.

For me Twilight ranks second. Trash story (admitted by hardcore Twilight fans themselves) and obviously undeserving of the retarded hype in every way. :tdown:

All this series do is nerf vampires and werewolves and that doesn’t go well with me at all. :tdown:

Twilight takes the n out of vampire fangs.

Choose your side, necrophillia or bestiality!
A simple guide to Twilight.

Vampires were broken as shit. They never die, come’on!

Why do I get called out in the first post :frowning:

Also, WTF is up with that site?