Twin Joysticks

My girlfriend and I play a lot of MAME and those PS2 arcade classic collections. Her uncle has a dual X-Arcade and she loves it so she wants me to get a dual arcade stick (or maybe she just doesn’t like the fact I use a HRAP2 while she uses an ASCII stick I got for $6).

What other options are there for a good dual arcade stick? I would love one of those Blaze Twin Joysticks but I doubt I’d be able to find one, and I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for something like a SlikStik.

Right now the only option I see is getting a Do-It-Yourself X-Arcade dual for $60 and putting Happ stuff in it. Anyone got any suggestions on something better?

If you want something good, for a good price and well made i recommend this
the hanaho hotrod joystick. I got one and i totally recommend this over the X arcade wich many people will tell you here that they are garbage:arazz:

is only 99USD!!!:looney:
and has happs parts what more could you ask for, this only works for PC though.

Wow that thing is ugly (no offense)! Oh yeah I forgot about those. Heard they are really good like you said but I’m looking for something that is PS2 compatible as well.

HotRod will not work with PS2. X-Arcade is crap.

Now about Twin Joysticks. I don’t like them because when two people play there isn’t enough room for you both. And sometimes one player is more nervous than second and move whole AS to different directions :smiley:
For me best solution are two 1 player arcade sticks.

blaze are scarce, but ive gotten 2 off ebay, the limited black one a few years ago for around 500 aud (OUCH!!! this was when the us doller was worth shit :frowning: )and one recently for around 120aud, black on was from us, and the normal one was from canada, just keep lokkin and one will pop up :slight_smile:

also. if u change ur mind and wanna spent money, dont do it on a crappy x-arcade, or a slikstick, get a virtua stick pro for saturn and get a converter :smiley:

I can’t believe you gf gets mad at you for using a better stick. I can’t even get mine to play 3rd strike with me. WTF!

if i want to hook up that to my DC would i use a converter like those that they sell on x arcade to do so? or what kind of converters would i need?

im thinking of getting a duo to play on the DC, but this one seems like a better option. are the sticks competition?

Virtua Stick Pro…that’s what I was looking for not a Blaze. But blaze still looks better than an X-Arcade. Found that virtua Stick on Ebay -

My goodness…

Just get your girl a good stick and don’t waste your time on a dual. Duals are usually too close together to make them comfortable to play on any ways. Unless the only person that’s really going to be making use out of it is your girl. Then…yeah. So think duals for one more second…now don’t think about that ish ever again. Might as well make your own arcade cabinet. At least then the sticks base won’t move all over the place.

Oh and what’s up with calling the HotRod ugly? You might as well get one custom built if you think the HotRod is “ugly”. It’s not like the X-Arcade looks any better. I mean it’s not the Lamborghini of arcade sticks but…maybe your girl convinced you. :lol:

I say buy her an HRAP for herself.

Unfortunately, you will have to spend some good cash if you want a good arcade joystick (and please, forget about the X-Arcade stick. The brand is not synonymous with quality).

For PS2, the Hori Real Arcade Pro is your best bet. It comes with a Sanwa joystick and the stock buttons aren’t bad (but can be easily replaced with Sanwa buttons). The only issue is that if you also want to use it on the PC, I don’t know if it will work with a USB PS2->PC adapter. Unfortunately, it’s back-ordered from Play Asia, but scour the Trading Outlet subforum here to see if people are selling their HRAP or custom sticks.

I told her I’d buy her a HRAP too but she’s adamant about a dual. I have a Radioshack PS2 to USB converter for my HRAP2 and it works fine. Sorry but I don’t think a big purple box sitting in the middle of my room looks that great.

I’ll probably just buy snother HRAP2 anyway. Damn too bad VGO just sold out. If she wants a dual joystick I’ll just tell her to buy her own.

Just get two, nice arcade sticks.

I agree with DevilJin, sometimes those large 2-player sticks have the controls too close together, and that just sucks for both players in the end.

I had 4 VSPs at one point. I still have 2 myself since I just sold one to a friend. They are great. I personally dont’ think they are cramped at all. I mean the layout is the same as Astro City. Granted, a lot of arcades use 2 machines back-to-back for fighting games, but that isn’t necessarily because there isn’t enough room for 2 people on one side.


Well if you want to sell another one let me know :wgrin:

just picked up one of the blaze dual arcade stick panels (red and black). i got it for $17.95 shipped off this guy who posted it on a local advertising website in florida. the recent one on ebay went for $113 + shipping. :wgrin:

anyway, it plays pretty good, just wondering if anyone has modded it before?

Wait a sec, his girlfriend is the second player! What’s wrong with being too close?? :angel:

Be a man and get her a HRAP. Money ain’t a thing unless she is your suger momma.

And being to close means one of you is getting an elbow in the face.

would you want a horrible, traumatizing, career-ending hernia from your partner elbowing you in the side during street fighter?! i think not, good sir!

I think the solution is obvious…better just buy a second ASCII and glue them together.:wink:

Heh if you guys haven’t noticed my original post was 7 months ago so nothing I said in here applies anymore. I believe stre[a]k is the one looking for help here. I think you should have just started a new thread about your Blaze stick man :looney: