Twin Sticks

I have the option of buying a Twin Stick for playing Virtua On with. Its been modded to work with a PS2 (instead of a Saturn) since the guy who owned it only had a copy of the PS2 version of the game. HOWEVER he’s also selling the PCA he ripped out of it for a few bucks.

Should I:
A) Get the stick and play Virtua On on my PS2, since I don’t own a Saturn anyways?
B) Get the stick and the PCA and “un-mod” it back to Saturn, purely for geek points? It won’t be quite the same though…

Remember if you hook the Saturn pcb back up you can also use it to play VOOT on Dreamcast using a Total Control 3.

Also, I see quite a few people putting dual pcbs in their sticks nowadays. You might be able to hook both of them up with a little bit of work.

Gah, now why didn’t I think of that? Dual PCBs are nothing too difficult, and there should be plenty of room in the case for it…

Thanks for the suggestion. :tup:

To be honest, fi you have VO on PS2 then you don’t need VO on the Saturn. On the other hand having the option of playing VOOT on DC is definately worth it. I only wish I had a twin stick :frowning: