Twinkle Queen: Prepare for more MOE MOE KYUN!

So, thats it:

New “Bishoujo fighting game” (???) from Milestone (the same guys from Project Cerberus… yeah)… and for Wii (you can laugh again) that will have a full cast of girls from different SLG games, dont know from what company because i havent heard that Milestone has made SLGs anyway.

Still no info, and sure will be pretty shitty, but you got served. Source: Game Nyarth and no, is not April Fools, it was commented two days ago by Neowing.


It’s what’s for dinner

And for dessert

And for the rest of all your meals ever

This is going to be very, very, hurt-your-eyes moe. But can it top Vanguard Princess?

According to this source this is the list of galge that Twinkle Queen characters are based:

Shinkoi Hime (Marvelous Interactive)
G Senjou no Maou (Akabeisoft2)
Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity (Lump of Sugar)
Shukufuku no Campanella (Windmill)

Never played any of them, in fact the last eroge i played was like eight years ago and dont know a shit about the genre right now (dont have interest anyway).

Sure why not.

I’ll just Hnnng’ to death.

I have heard of several of them, but I think Shinkoi Hime is Koihime Musou

But an eroge fighting game, too bad there will be no clothing damage.

Any screens of the game?

wow, does that game even have a release date yet?

it looks like a smash bros style fighter and the only series i know is kohime musou. AS far as bad can go well arcana hearts is a damn good fighter so looks can be deceving

How hard is it to type Arcana Heart? lol

Amazon got the first screenshots of the game… at veeeeeeeeeeeeery small size, i put some screenshots with a decent size here (Spanish site, but… is just some screenshots anyway).

So… is 3D, with 4 players support on a match (like Yuyu Hakusho, Bleach DS or GG Isuka) and seems pretty… well, conventional, its Milestone after all.

Looks horrible to be frank. Graphics look to be almost PS1/N64 quality.

no ntr no buy

wii = no buy for me
too bad i would ended trying it at least if it was for another console

Why does Japan do these things.

for the same reason that usa makes steroid abuser characters for their games, different tastes when it comes to character desings

I’m pretty sure it’s a completely different reason.

Well if it plays like Bleach DS it’ll be an excuse to pick up a freeloader because I’m guessing theres more chance of Arcana Heart 3 getting ported to a current gen console with not problems and GGPO quality netcode then this coming out outside of Japan.

well there is a theory that HNK was so manly that japan needs to make 1000 years of moe to compensate

Hmm… that does make sense.