Twisted Metal

It’s out in 2 days, whose getting it? Anyone play the beta?

id love some more info on the game to get me hyped!

Holy fuck its out in 2 days? I just bought soul calibur 5 though… :confused:

Yeah I played the demo. Talon is really strong, and near broken in Nuke mode. The one stage that you play in the demo you can just fly over the mountain separating the two bases with a captured leader a lot quicker than the opponents can jump up to it. Snipers would logically be the thing to use to take them down, but the sniper loses it’s focus too easily when the talon flies low next to buildings.


if there smart and i assume they will be, they’ll patch it. Or theres ways around it that people just didn’t realize yet.

Emp gurney and ram with meatwagon= dead talon

I should be picking it up today!

I’m just waiting for the delivery.

been playing the multiplayer, crazy good game so far. The online seems to be pretty solid even with all the ridiculous shit happening. If your on the fence about this game for any reason don’t be, if youve ever liked the old twisted metal’s this will blow you away. It doesnt deviate too far from the formula that made it amazing back in the day but everything feels reworked and very fun.

Axel is really strong, the best part about him is his jump its like 4 stories, also his 1st special can put out absolutely stupid damage. In nuke mode hes a pretty mean defender, just wait for them to try and sacrifice and then go in and destroy motherfuckers for free. I’ll probably use grimm when I unlock him cause chainsaws fully charged put out 160 damage which absolutely crushes smaller cars ( at least in single player ).

Awesome game, just need to pick up a decent mic now since I never bothered to grab one. Anyone on here who wants to add me my psn id is - Hugin7Munin77.

important question for anyone with the game:

is it better or worse than twisted metal black? why?

it just arrived… and the box art is telling me its better.

I found Meat Wagon absolutely broken in the demo because of Gurney Bomb but it was still fun. How is the single player, multiplayer is fun and all but I’ve always dug the story mode in 2 and Black.

its as good and then better then twisted metal black, as it comes with twisted metal black lol.

Well there’s a tournament today for this game. Anyone know any strategy for it? I’m going to be playing it at a bar with drunk people. Someone tell me what’s broken or what to abuse. :smiley:

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