Twitter troll arrested for taunting British Olympian


British police kicked down the door and arrested a Twitter troll sending hateful remarks to a 4th place Olympian.

I’ve heard arguments about outrageous censorship and thought policing, but honestly, the guy had it coming, it’s pretty disgusting what he wrote. I’ll put it in spoilers below.



lol they arrested the dude. They’re just putting on a show because of the Olympics. This is just twitter nonsense that is easily dismissed, unless you really care about words on a screen.


I agree the guy is a douche but does the right to free speech even exist anymore? I keep forgetting Britain has cameras everywhere, police state indeed…


Yeah, it was pretty hateful though, I mean the guys Dad passed away and he actually threatened him physically. You probably didn’t read that part as I was having trouble with the link after I posted it, it’s in the spoiler now if you open it again.


Yeah don’t bring family into it, and the dude should have known that was something incredibly stupid to do during the Olympics. Highly disrespectful, but warranting an arrest? If it was any other time I’d say no, GB has to hold that shit though during these events.


Olympic athlete doesn’t get a medal in one event > Should probably focus entirely on the next event > Goes on social networks instead and has it out with an e-thug.

It’s no surprise GB is shit at everything. Definitely need more of them harsh Chinese/Russian training regimes.


The kid had it coming…

Seriously internet shouldn’t = no responsibility for what you say. When you get that personal, it goes beyond just words on a screen.

It might have seemed excessive but good on the bobbies for teaching the little butt monkey to have some respect, he obviously hasn’t got it from his parents.

Like that shit he said afterwards… I admit I swear a lot, it’s an occupational hazard from where I work, but I never would have said anything like that when I was 17.


I agree the internet should be treated the same as ‘real life’. We all acknowledge that you can’t go around threatening/abusing people on the street.

Its obviously impossible to enforce properly, but examples can and should be made.


So by some peoples judgement “free speech” means verbal harassment gets a free pass.

Little shit totally deserved it, even if just to make an example of him. Being behind a computer screen isn’t an excuse, just makes them a coward to boot.


The problem is this little thing called satire. I’ll kick all your asses so hard your next Olympic event will take place on the moon. See? What I did there would get me arrested in the UK if some douch tard takes it seriously enough. This is what we call a slippery slope, kids. Should we protect people from being physically threatened? Definitely. Should we shun ass hats who do stupid things like that on the internet just because the imagine themselves anonymous? Most definitely. Should we define speech for everybody, making certain words and phrases that 1% of the population (prudes, conservatives, religious, feminists, etc) have a problem with illegal just so no one gets their feelings hurt? Probably not. Finding a way to do the first two without doing the last is the goal. :tup:


Harassment and threats of violence. He really thought saying sorry would make that okay?

Good job UK!


I see online douchebaggery during the olympics is a trend now a days… First that high jumper making dumb ass racial tweets and now this.

At least they weren’t shit at the opening ceremonies. You must mean Russian, because the Chinese straight up bombed gymnastics.


Nope, you see we in the UK know what satire is, we’re pretty good at it. Your example is satire.

Is what the kid tweeted satire?


It’s in the spoilers if you want to read it. I’d call it pure douche - baggery


I was being rhetorical :stuck_out_tongue:


What a bitch ass fake wannabe. Hope the police trashed his place too lol


He probably just had money on it and got pissed when the dude lost. Which is fine, but it’s best to stay away from technology when you’ve lost a bet.


That’s a terrible bet lol


How do you know? You’d have to know what he’s thinking at the time of writing it. Keyword here is thinking. Satire involves saying one thing and meaning a completely different one. It’s also commonly misunderstood and misinterpreted, which is actually one of it’s key functions. People who miss the “joke” are usually the ones at whom it is squarely aimed at. This particular instance is something completely different, since he’s clearly expressing his anger at an athlete, but I really don’t want to live in a world where you cannot verbally harass your favorite sports team for screwing up without fear of being thrown in jail.

Didn’t you see the ‘no trespassing’ sign on my website? Sure, there’s no password, but get the fuck out or I’ll call the cops!

You are operating a hacked browser. Disconnect from the internet and immediately resolve the violation or suffer a $500 fine. If this is your second offense, your fine could be up to $1000 for damage to public property, and include a 30-day jail sentence.

Do you still, in all honestly, think that The Web should be treated as “real life?”


Psssh… Twitter. I hate that piece of shit and don’t use it myself, but I always recommend it to clients because I KNOW they’re going to request it.:mad: