Two Arcade Sticks/Controller for Killer Instinct Local Play on PC?


Howdy, a friend and myself are trying to do Killer Instinct local play on PC. My stick, player 1, is being used, but his isn’t. We can’t seem to figure out how to switch the input on the character select screen at the top right.

He is using a MadCatz TE2 and I’m using a custom with a Brook’s Board. Player 2, the TE2 is stuck on keyboard controls and we don’t know how to switch. We downloaded the drivers, restarted the computer, but that still didn’t do anything. The TE2 is working under hardware on Windows as well. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!


We feel stupid. Seconds after posting this we figured out. You have to change the MadCatz in the system tray to xinput. Boom! I’ll leave this up so in case anyone else is having this same issue.