Two days in, and already regretting purchasing my stick. Common occurrence?


Wasn’t sure where to post this, this seemed like the most appropriate place. I purchased a Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA Kai over the weekend, and received it on Tuesday. The stick is great, and I switched to octogate immediately, since I mostly play Zangief. (I did play with the square gate a bit though)
I can’t time things correctly, and can’t perform certain things as quickly as with my fightpad. After about 20 matches on the stick (with about a 25% win rate), I’ll switch to my fightpad, and end up at about a 80% win rate. Timing is incredibly easier, and executing moves/combos is simple. This isn’t just with Zangief though, I also play Juri and a few others.
When you made the switch, did you seem to have a similar experience? I feel like I’ll just never adapt, but maybe I just need more practice. Dragon punches from the left side are ridiculously difficult and take me like twice as long!


it takes a while to adapt and adjust.

i recommend hitting training mode first and grind it out until you can perform moves, combos and have overall control as good as you can with the fight pad.

i just wanna say that the sanwa octogates are horrible. the gates are wayyy too huge. trust me on this, i’ve used the sanwa octogate for years (2006 - 2011). The seimitsu octogates are a lot better.

At the end of the day, its your call. use whatever feels comfortable.


it comes down to muscle memory, you’re used to using the pad, your muscle memory there is solid, the stick is new, and you’ve not built up the muscle memory yet is all, it’ll come.

  • it’s totally normal, go practice
  • check out the stickies, they answer this and a bunch of other common questions
  • (personal opinion) Sanwa JLF octo gates are total crap (they needlessly lengthen the throw), just learn square, yes even for gief


Thanks for the tip on the octo gate, I definitely have noticed. If you have any experience with them, what do you think of the Korean style sticks?


Admittedly, Zangief is great on pad. Keep at it with the stick though. Try to not mess around customizing it too much while you’re getting used to it too, as you’ll be continually hitting learning barriers and putting yourself off.
I’d say when it comes to long strings, links and cancels, especially in less lenient games, the stick will help out. Just have to get over the fundamentals of doing a billion Z motions from both sides in practice mode all over again haha worth it though!


Nver had that experience as when i got into fighting games(sf) i almost immediately started with a fight stick. I was already trrible with a normal controler so switching to stick didn’t make any difference as far as win loss ratio went. Also 2 days is way way too short of a time to get used to something like an arcade stick. You’ve bene playing on a controller your entire gaming life, ofcourse that will feel natural, especially if you’ve been playing fg’s with it. Give it a couple of honest months, without switching to controller. Still don’t like it, sell it. Granted i can’t see any immediate benefit in using a stick with Gief, Juri on the otherhand, absolutely.


Again such a thread… IT TAKES MONTHS!!! if you cant aford to waste the time, switch back to pad.
Doesnt matter on what input device you play. Octo or square also doesnt matter, but I would suggest you to play on square, because its standard and you can easily play in arcades or on other peoples stick (cause the most are playing stock configuration).


For me it took 1-2 weeks before I got fully used to my arcade stick.


Did the octo gate and switched back to square. Stay with square. You should not be riding the gate when doing circle motions. with nothing else on and in a quiet room push the stick slowly in any direction until you hear a click. That is as far as you have to go to make ur little man move on the screen. you don’t have to push it all the way to the gate


I don’t understand why you went from your fightpad to begin with? Personally, I prefer pads when I play 360 characters or half circle forward characters like I-no from Guilty Gear. Either way, the way the mind works, after enough time with any device, it’ll become an extension of you arm. Just consistently play on the stick and it’ll come…

Personal secret tip: Dance Dance Revolution or what ever the current clone is today is a great tool for training you to get used to your stick. It teaches awkward inputs, speed and rhythm, all of which you need to play fighting games…


Tru dat. Thought I was the only one!


Playing on an arcade stick requires learning new muscle memory, and extremely basic muscle memory at that. It’s not just timing, pressing buttons, etc., you are learning a fundamentally new way of operating a new device. Having trouble adjusting to stick is extremely common. I hated arcade sticks for years until the lack of cross-compatible controllers between 360 and PS3 back in 2009/2010 finally drove me to commit to learning stick. It was very difficult for me, as I have very little talent at execution, and it took months before I felt fully capable in all the games I played and had relearned all my muscle memory for those games on stick, but once i was comfortable with it I found I played much better than I ever did on pad.

The best way to improve is to sit down in training mode and practice using the stick. By that I don’t mean just using the stick to play the game, I mean really examining how it works and how you are try to make it work. Turn on input display and just practice doing basic motions, quarter circles, DPs, and whatnot. Really pay attention to what you are doing and what way of moving the stick actually works. Just trying to do stuff randomly and jumping into matches will get you nowhere.

You just have to keep at it, and really think about what you are doing. I have seen many players buy a stick and immediately assume it’s going to make them better, only for them to clumsily give it a halfassed couple days, maybe a week or two, before just giving up with some weak excuse like “stick just isn’t for me” like they actually gave it a fair shot and put enough time in to determine that. (protip: they didn’t) Are there people out there who truly cannot play stick? Maybe, but I doubt it, aside from those with crippling physical handicaps. Learning stick is simply a commitment. If you don’t put in the work, nothing is going to change. If you give up, and keep playing pad, things might work out just fine, but if you halfass it and claim you tried and came to any sort of relevant conclusion when all you really did was give up, then you were just wasting your time from the start.

One thing that can be very helpful in learning stick is to start with a new game. It’s much less frustrating to try and learn new things in a new game than to try and relearn things from the game you played the most, where suddenly not being able to do what you could before will be the most frustrating.


please stick to square gates for starters. they’re square for good reason believe it or not.


This helped me out, consider buying a stiffer spring its like training wheels in a way…


Practice practice practice, it takes a while to get used to a stick. Especially when you are transitioning from a pad.
Even though I belief that it’s completely viable to play Gief on a pad (and also some other chars.), you might benefit from using a stick in the long run. I had troubles at the beginning as well and reverted back to my pad occasionally, but after a while I found out that I couldn’t do more or better on my pad (mostly reactions and executions). I understand that you’d like to keep playing on a pad since it’s working out better for you than on a stick and it feels familiar, but trust me… if you invest time on using a stick and practicing on it, you’ll definitely see some results.

But there are some players who are pad-warriors and do extremely well. At least give your stick an honest try.


Movement is chaotic at first. I found myself unable to move much because of how much work you need to put on your left hand. Comes with time, i’ve had mine for almost 2 weeks and doing much better.


Right now I can’t execute combos for shit and I am making many mistakes of wrong movements ect. Though I know in the long run it is much worth it because it seems like the combos I do know now feel a lot better. Also i found many short cuts that i can do using the stick, since it is more percise using a stick, i can use them.I used to play kof on a pad and not able to do some combos with a stick on sf is very frustrating.