Two Different Happ model, whats the difference

Hello again guys

My friend want to build his first stick with Happ part.

We found out a seller in Toronto for all parts.


We’re asking your expertise on the difference between two stick we know nothing about.

First One Happ Competition 8-way Joystick


Second One Happ perfect 360 joystick

thanks is a wealth of information.

From a quick look at:

Looks that the difference is mostly the microswitches used, and some slight configuration differences.

Happ perfect 360 uses optical sensors. Competition 8-way joystick uses physical microswitches. Both are popular, but perfect 360 requires a power connection and is usually stiffer.

Competition 8-way is more recently preferred.

Google will tell you even more.

The short answer is that Competition sticks use microswitches and have weaker springs. p360s have heavier springs and don’t use microswitches.

Well, the perfect 360 requires you to solder a 5v on the pcb.