Two encoding questions


I’m trying to encode some matches I recorded onto a VHS tape, using my Dazzle Video Recorder 80. For the most part, it’s working out alright, but I have a couple questions regarding increasing the quality of the footage.

1). I’m getting a lousy framerate. I’m trying to capture at 30fps, but instead I keep getting something in the 25fps range. I don’t think my CPU is being overloaded while encoding (at least that’s what task manager says). Any idea what’s causing this?

2). The sound quality is pretty bad. I’m currently plugging both the red and white cables into the capture device, rather than into my sound card. Would the sound quality be better if I did that instead (I ask first before actually trying it because I’d need to buy an adapter)?

Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!


Man, no one has any idea? :frowning:


While you’re capturing footage, it’s best to close every application running on your computer except the capture program. Antivirus apps, instant messengers, firewalls, internet browser, p2p, bittorrent, etc…

The sound quality gets decided by the settings in your capturing program. Try to find a configuration menu and set the sound to something like 48000Hz stereo audio.


The Dazzle is your capture device? What is the compression methods (audio and video) it employs? Do you have control over the bitrates, sampled frame rates, etc.? How are you analyzing the produced content, to determine that it is 25fps? Give some specs for your PC. Unless CPU and RAM are being taxed (which you say they are not), the only other weak link would be the hard drive, if the limitation is hardware-related.


The only information I can find on the compression is that it uses “proprietary compression.” And I’m using Windows Media Encoder for my encoding, and right now I’m choosing the lowest bitrates (medium quality video and FM quality sound). It’s what’s telling me that I’m getting 25fps, rather than 30 (plus, the videos just look choppy).

I have an Athlon 64 3000+ with 1GB of RAM. My HD is a SATA, so I imagine it’s plenty fast enough.

Could dropped frames be the problem? Sony Vegas says I get dropped frames whenever I try to encode there.


To clarify one thing, compression and encoding are synonomous. From what you’re saying, the capture device is compressing the video, and then you are re-compressing with wme. I would expect poor video quality for content that has been compressed twice.

So, a couple questions come to mind. Why re-compress the captured content? Are the file sizes too large? Do you simply want the video to be in a .wmv format?

If I’m correct in understanding what you’re saying, you have a couple options. 1) Determine whether you are happy with the content that is created by the capture device. If the file size, quality, etc. is to your liking, then just leave it as is. 2) If the answer to #1 is a ‘no’, then determine if you can capture to an uncompressed .avi. Assuming no hardware limitations (hard drive being the biggest concern), working with an uncompressed file in wme will yield you much better results.

For #2, while the capture device’s software may not natively support uncompressed capturing, freeware programs such as VLC, virtual dub and Real Alternative, may offer some additional benefits for capturing. However, if the proprietary compression of the capture-device is hardware-based, then this process will be taking place (within the entire scope of the capturing process) prior to any point of manual intervention. So, the result, no matter what approach you take, what software you use, etc, may inevitably be this “proprietarily” compressed content.