Two eyebrow-raising articles I came across, regarding SF4 and MvC3

My thoughts on this article is that TBH - Capcom released a new SF2 every few months. From 92-94, 5 different versions of SF2 came out. The cost wasn’t in the consumer’s hands though, they were in the arcades. It only cost you a quarter to play the new games. How do you feel NOW about having the actual cost affect your wallet?

I just thought the end of this was a bit clever… as it’s NOT correct, but it was a safe assumption.

I think one of the key things about the second article is that the author states that he still plays MK9 after two months as if two months is a long time or something. This should be the standard not something you have to state as if it’s something remarkable. He also fails to acknowledge the earthquake issue.

Fighting games don’t last as long as others because everyone plays it and after a month then start clamoring for DLC. Product life cycles just aren’t as long these days because we live in a world where everyone wants everything RIGHT NOW. Whatever happened to exploring the game for yourself fully before you wanted new stuff?

People cry for stuff like story mode and time attack but how many times are you gonna play those? Most likely they go through it once and are done with it.

People cry for new characters but chances are that they’re just gonna run to whoever the good characters are anyway. I remember people being hype for characters like Deadpool and now I hardly ever see any online. People tried to defend MODOK and nobody plays with him either, and the same thing is gonna happen with the announced characters unless they are the best.

lol at both articles claiming MvC2 had over 60 character or “atleast” when that was more than what it had.

Both articles come off as raging fanboys but yea Capcom was bullshiting with MvC3. It is not as though I get less then 100$ a year, so I will complain about the game. It is just that they released a clearly unfinished game, so bad that it warranted this sequel, becuase a lot of people REALLY want the game to be good. There may be problems we don’t know of like, they didn’t receive enough funding, or the maybe the development took longer than expected so they needed to release the game to get funds to release a better version. Whatever the case, I simply returned my copy and continued to play MvC2.

Funding? Ha. Timing? Ha. They started development right after TvC, and starting drawing up plans for it DURING and possibly BEFORE TvC’s production. I don’t even know why I put up with Capcom’s shit anymore, they just have gotten far too comfortable.

It’s because deep in your heart, you want them to do a good job… I said the same thing… and I go buy the fucking DLC characters in Marvel 3, and GIVE IT AWAY a week later because I was so fucking done with it.

If Capcom didn’t update their games we would still be playing (or not playing) Alpha 1, SF2 world warrior, SF3 new generation, SFIV vanilla, and cvs1. So, it’s good that they are updating the games. Their biggest problem is how they are handling the updates.

Even though SSFIV or UMVC3 might be a much better game, it’s hard not to get mad when you see the SFIV or MVC3 disc wasting space on your bookshelf. I think that’s why you didn’t hear as much bitching about AE, because it had the DL option for a discount. Even if the DL is impractical and you buy the disc anyway, so as to free space on your hard-drive for Modok alt costumes, just having the option makes you feel better. If DL isn’t practical, I’ve love it if they had a trade in program. Something like you ship your copy of MvC3 to capcom along with $20-30 and you get a new one. Otherwise, it’s full price for the new game. This takes gamestop out of the mix and all the money goes to straight to Capcom(although, Capcom dumping all the old SFIV discs into a landfill next to ET might be a bad look. Also, they’d probably get a million duke nukem forever discs with mvc3 labels stuck on them.)

In either case, people don’t seem to have a problem paying if you tell them it’s an expansion. They get angry when they think they are re-buying the game. Just look at WoW, they charge every month AND they put out a $40 expansion every year or two that you have to buy if you want new stuff and new levels, but nobody complains because it’s an expansion pack and there’s no obsolete disc sitting on the bookshelf.

Also, lol at the knowledge of the second quote: >60 characters in mvc2, fighting Goliath at the end of mvc3, and level 3s are powerless against button mashing.

The modern approach towards DLC irritates me, and I know I’m definitely not alone.

In previous generations, expansion packs (DLC being the modern substitute) was considered to be an exception rather than the norm. Developers often had valid reasons for releasing it and the bonus content gave consumers the choice to either spend a little extra to enhance their gaming experience or save their cash and enjoy the original version. Basically, when consumers purchased a game, they were receiving 100% of the product. DLC (expansion packs) weren’t an obligatory investment; they merely added another 20% (minimum) to the original game. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly more common for consumers to receive approximately 70%-80% of a product, thus ensuring that DLC (consisting of the remaining 20%-30% of the complete product) is a requirement rather than preferential purchase.

Nowadays, DLC is a cunning tactic to milk more money from fanbases loyal (or dumb) enough to support their favourite developer by willingly buying whatever sub-standard trash is being waved before their eyes. Before you label me a miserable asshole, allow me to admit that not all modern DLC is bad. On the contrary, much of the additional content is worth every penny (examples including GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony, RDR: Undead Nightmare and TES4: Shivering Isles, to name just a few). HOWEVER, for every must-have DLC released, there are at least three pieces of content that are clearly nothing more than shameless money-snatchers.

Although I hate to say it, Capcom’s ratio of Good DLC : Bad DLC is steadily decreasing, and the fact that they have no issue in demanding more money for on-disc content (Jill and Shuma-Gorath) and netcode patches is merely contributing towards the problem. A decade ago, I considered Capcom a quality seal of approval that would offer me fun and value for money. Now? I’m honestly starting to lose faith.

I think the age of DLC maps is what the cause of all this is. Now DLC is being treated by fans as being the standard rather than the exception. It’s always I want this character, or patch this or nerf that.

Companies have simply found a way to capitalize on this. They probably think that people are gonna bitch anyways, so why not just give them something and let them tell us what they want to be fixed and make more money. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but it seems to be what they are doing.

I think fighting game protesters need to shut the fuck up. People don’t know how good they have it now. Capcom has been raising the bar with their updates with each iteration. SSF4 was huge and Ultimate MvC3 looks to be gargantuan. The standard used to be, you add 4/6 characters, some new stages, music, balance, maybe a new gameplay mechanic or 2 or whatever slap a price tag on it and bam you got a full priced sequel. Updates were far smaller. Now here we are in 2011 were UPDATES are getting 10-12 characters or more and all the bells and whistles you can ask for AND its actually being sold as a budget priced update.

Don’t get me wrong, Capcom has done some wrong with over priced costumes and selling those stupid shadow modes as DLC when they should have been free. Updates should always be optional DLC if only so the old discs don’t have to become obsolete. Still, for all the good Capcom has done with their fighting games, somehow the 2011 model of stupid, spoiled, self entitled and irrational consumer still finds reasons to complain. Most time not entirely sure what the fuck they’re complaining about.

Unfortunately, some people just have fucked up logic. It can’t be helped.

I agree with this… when AE dropped and people didn’t want to spend $15 for 4 characters, nothing was said of other companies that charge $8 per character… or charge for pallete swaps… and you know what I’m talking about.


You can argue that the first iterations of the games were poor, but even if it wasn’t, we live in the age of people asking for shit to constantly get patched and rebalanced so, meh

but dont forget that you got the revision update for free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The reason AE was even made in the first place was to give arcades an updated version of SF4 to have instead of being behind,which they already were even with the console version of vanilla because it had more characters. AE’s transition to console was very much natural and capcom started ahead on porting it because most of everyone always wants the most up to date version of the game.

The difference to between super and ultimate is pretty much this:

SSF4: add on to an already complete game that even only happened because of fan demand.

UMvC3: a huge fix to a strangely handled game. Even the gameplay itself is being nerfed. Not just the characters. But,we still get add on bonuses like in SSF4 that are nice.

Capcom is just killing 2 birds with one stone by making UMvC3. Which isn’t a bad thing. But,I think it’s understandable to be annoyed by the way MvC3 has been handled all along. Then again,some people love MvC3 the way it is,some want a newer and better version,and some others just gave up on it entirely. I don’t think this is worth the argument that everyone is making it out to be. lol

Okay, the SSF4 update was a huge improvement, the problem is that Capcom did not make SSF4 the standard, or least the starting off point for all their following fighters. Ultimate Marvel 3 is not an improvement, it’s what MVC3 should have been on release. I’m not referring to the giant character roster circle jerk, I’m talking about setup. Marvel 3 went back to Vanilla SF4 features/content/design, I don’t know how anyone could play MVC3 the first day and not feel like Capcom was totally fucking the dog, and had full intentions of doing a 2nd version. I have no problems with buying updates, but not if Capcom is intentionally going to do a really shitty job on the initial release. They couldn’t figure out decent netcode/Spectating for the 2 1/2-3 years of MVC3’s development, but they can improve the netcode *and *add spectator in the 6 months following MVC3’s release? How convenient.

I keep giving Capcom my money moreso than any other gaming company because I find my purchases worth every single penny, especially the revisions. People who think Capcom are screwing over the fans need to get over themselves.

I agree with all of this. These are legitimate complaints. In terms of features (various online modes, spectator mode, story mode etc…) MvC3 should have equaled or bettered SSF4 in content. These are the glaring flaws of MvC3 and they should have been addressed in a patch, not a disc. Then the Ultimate announcement wouldn’t have stung so bad.

But yeah outside of those the game is solid.

I didn’t buy MvC3, because I KNEW there was gonna be an ultimate version soon, for cheaper, with more stuff.

I win.

New update for a game after half a year, smells just like 1999… in fact, 6 months is freaking slow.

What I hate the most about Capcom’s milking is the timing. Streams, youtube and the internet in general have helped the fighting game community in great strides. The community is growing more and more with each passing moon. So when you see Capcom’s very evident ploy to squeeze more money out of the rock, it just sours the whole ride for everyone. I feel that now is the worst time to annoy the community when it’s during a time of growth. Instead, we should be trying to do as much for the fans in hopes to promote growth. Just my two cents.

There’s a decent share of people here who aren’t pleased with the idea of having to pay over $100 to get the ‘complete’ version of the game. I’m one of them. And it wouldn’t surprise me if there was another version after UMvC3 with all of the other characters that we were expecting (Megaman and Venom, anyone?) and more balancing. I’m glad for updates and all, but I don’t think I need to pay $40 so people in the lobby can watch a live online match. Seriously not cool.

On a related note, I’ve been following Street Fighter X Tekken for quite a while. I’m so pumped for this game, and I can’t wait for a chance to try this game. Yet I’m hesitant to buy the game since I fear that there’s going to be a ‘Super Street Fighter X2 Tekken: Champion Edition’ or something of the like. You know there’s going to be more from Capcom if it sells well. You know you’re screwing yourself by buying the first iteration of any of their games nowadays. I shouldn’t have to feel like this when a new game comes out. It’s like evil tobacco, get your customers hooked, develop brand loyalty and you have them forever.

Also, I love it when there’s the random fella who tells you to just not get it. Yeah, because I’m sure there are random tournaments out there that still play Vanilla SF4 because they refused to shell out more cash for future versions. Derp.

If you really feel passionate about a game, then buy it. Feeling paranoid about a great game over reasons as silly as eventual updated versions is not healthy.

Did people feel hesitant to get Blazblue when Blazblue Continuum Shift came so soon after? Did people feel hesitant to get Arkham Asylum (not a fighter) when it was obvious there would be a sequel? If people really want the game, they will get it. Maybe there will be an SFxT 1.5 in six months, maybe there won’t. There’s no way to tell that until the game comes out. If you’re really pumped about the game, then don’t show any hesitation. Don’t let paranoia keep you from getting stuff that you really want, if you can afford it.