Two Florida white girls about to make you laugh really hard! no BS!

This is why I will never move from Florida.




New thread eh? I’ll save you the trouble:

No one cares about stupid bitches. Stop posting their shit here.

Also, I forgot this part:

Typical line about how white girl in the black hoodie would down black dongs all day like liquor.

nigga this old as fuck

oh damn my bad

you wildin bruh but dat number 3 poll option is priceless…lol

Who fucking cares? They’ll be worm food like everyone else in this world. Sorry to quote Drake. Yolo. Why waste worryin’ bout what another ethnic group is doin. These whores need a space cock to slurp to entertain their idiocy.

pretty sure worm food didn’t originate with drake. ffs.

The only time girls are remotely funny is when they fall and eat it:

There is a racist white girl(s) video damn near every week on worldstar, followed by an apology video. About as common as cellphone fight videos (Boooooop Booom). Everybody wants to be the ignorant flavor of the week.


Not gonna lie, the fact that they pretty much will be hated and despised no matter what school they go to makes this story great. It’s one thing when you are an “educated racist” like David Duke or Robert Spencer and try to legitimaze your position with facts(that may or may not be true or are completely baseless, but that’s for another discussion), but when you let the whole world know your ignorance in a fourteen minute diatribe based solely on your ridiculous obtuse view of your surroundings, you better be prepared for the storm that is going to head your way.

The internet never forgets, these girls will learn this the hard way…

4chan --------------------------------------------------go fuck yourself--------------------------------->

It will be miraculous if they don’t each have at least two children by the time they’re old enough for their opinions to matter.

sigh indeed it doesnt…ffs.

This video is hilarious.
Edit: Wonder what kind of books she reads to where she can read 5 a week.