Two frame link to u1?

I posted this question in the combo thread but nobody replied yet, hoping this catches an eye.

Anyway I was reading the frame data from SRK’s AE wiki and there’s a HHS that is +12 on hit, and u1 is only 11f startup… The question I have is, what HHS is it? Kinda doesn’t make sense to me, if you check it I think it means the mash hands? Might not be practical to have a corner combo but the temptation of a 2f link to ultra for Honda would be so sick.

Wondered if people noticed it or could test it? My execution isn’t great to be a benchmark.

Was just actually reading your post in the combo thread and im gonna test. Just gonna read the wiki and see which version of HHS it looks like.

If its true, its an amazing find. The only other one we have is of that ex buttslam in the corner thingy thats just too situational.

As far as i know HHS has always been +10 on hit.

Yeah, the frame data has a line for HHS (???) and says it +12 on hit. Cant tell what version of HHS this is.

Just went in training and tried all versions piano’d and mashed for more hits on a crouching and standing Ryu and with and without counter hit. Nothing and i know i was hitting U1 earliest possible. It was also done mid screen and corner.

Anyway, anyone more experienced wanna take a look at the frame data and confirm what this version of HHS is? Or is it just a typo?

Edit: It’s gotta be a distance issue, like it would be possible if fp hhs left you right next to your opponent.

Here’s the FD link

Anyway, it has a listing for jab, strong, fierce and ex hands, and yes indeed the best advantage according to that is fierce at +10. But there’s another HHS listed there, and I don’t really understand what it’s trying to say to be honest, it looks like mashed extended or something like counterhit I can’t be sure. But if that is true and the data is correct, we could have 2f to ultra from hands. I don’t wanna get too excited yet, but I wanted to ask you guys about it and because my execution to confirm or bust it will take years lol.

So whatcha think that hands is? Corner mash maybe?

Yeah the distance means that although it starts up in 11 frames, it travels first probably for at least 3 or 4 frames making the link impossible. To the best of my knowledge anyway. Hope im wrong lol.

Oh and hey, what’s the ex buttsplash setup?

Sorry its actually mk buttsplash set up. If an opponent neutral jumps in the corner and you catch them at the peak of their jump with mk buttslam as it’s coming down you can hit U1 when you land.

You might catch a sim with it now and again before he teleports but i have never got this off in a match ONCE and its worked since vanilla.

Doesnt work, the only version it could be is the mashed extra hit… but that doesnt leave you in any position to do anything as the hhs keeps going after the mashed 8th hit.

Would be nice but no.

yup, if its mashed hhs it keeps going after it whiffs after the extra hit. Got excited for a minute haha.

Yeah I was trying not to get too excited because so much could go wrong, but it was fun imagining how beastly we’d be with HHS hitconfirm ultra lol.

This is old… anywhere, 95% of the cast:

Close sweep, mash HP while holding back to get extended hands, ultra 1 as soon as mashed HP hands ends.

What happens is that only the last 2 or 3 hits(don’t remember) of the mashed HP hands hit, leaving you at +12 almost next to the opponent… that is if the opponent doesn’t block after the sweep(yeah… what a setup!). Ultra 1, HP super, regular HP headbutt, c.HP, almost everything he has except his damned sweep can continue the combo afterwards.

Nice one gutabo, although highly impractical, its still nice to know