Two guys get beaten up for walking on the wrong side of town

I give up, how?

Roll a quarter down the street.

This kind of stuff happens all the time in a city called Skyway just south of Seattle.

They were bar hopping so yeah.

Threads like this make me laugh when racist ass holes feel they are given the licence to spout the bullshit that floats across their mind every day.

wise words.

well the good news is, since they are black, it should be pretty easy to get death penalty for them, lord knows the justice system is skewed against blacks. in this case, the muggers deserve to all be shot to death.

yeah they are sneaky about those speeding tickets, they’ll hide around curves, at the bottom hills, and other bullshit. but i guess i’d rather they do that than shoot up random wood carvers or kick innocent minorities who are already subdued. fuck the police.

First, the dude at Enterprise tells me how he got robbed at gunpoint in his own house in Norfolk a couple years back, and now this.

Is Virginia really that bad?

and this is why i wont hesitate to cap a nigg3r or two.

Is it because white people are too busy stuffing their faces and over consuming all possible amenities in a society based on scarcity?

But you hide behind trees from drunk irishmen:mad:

Dey…terk arr jeeeerbs!!!

this is why i’m glad i don’t live in a big american city, wouldn’t want to worry about this happening if i take the wrong turn or some shit

also this is why other races are nervous around black people in the us

It’s because the amenities are scarce?

Sooo if richy rich hadn’t bought up all the gold plated ferraris then a family from the projects would have been able to buy one? Riiiight. Its because they are scarce and some white person over-consumed. Lol

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And then youd get ass raped in jail by a bunch of “nigg3rs.” Funny huh?

Look up Salinas, CA. It has had one of, if not the highest murder rate per capita in the country. Whats in Salinas? 99.9% rate of Mexican-Americans and illegal Mexican immigrants (who cause most of the crime) The population has been moving into neighboring white areas and guess what? The crime rate has gone up, so meh what do you say…

To this though, this makes me think of the comical racist rants of some elderly people and the stances in an older America about culture differences. Namely, about how black people/young men were wild and alot of trouble, and that you should hide your daughters etc. I mean damn, if those were not humans in the video, I mean…imagine if they were all monkeys (no insult intended) what would you think? Like if you were watching something on the discovery channel…just running around the street beating up the whiter monkey. Look how the black guys walk too, just strutting and swagging around the street, shoulders rolled and legs sloughing while the white guy walks perpendicular along the sidewalk…poor white monkey…

yeah but i don’t really want to just stay around the white old dude parts of town, that shit is boring
ideally i could go where the black people live without worrying about it

white flight exists for a reason, it’s just too bad it has to go down like that. i’d hate to be one of the few white guys growing up in a mostly black school

LA is so segregated that I can go years without seeing a non-homeless black person. Plus you’ve got all the other races to keep black people in check. Like where I live in Little Armenia they’re racist as fuck and if you see a black person walking on the sidewalk even during the daytime you know they are going to get chased out pretty quick.

I don’t see hispanics fuckin with white people that much either…just too risky compared to all the other races they can fuck with

what gets me is that it’s not like this overseas; all the different races kinda mingle together where i’m at. but maybe it’s just the place i live; whatever the race you have to be a bit of a higher class person to stay here so you don’t get any ghetto/redneck/cholo trash ruining everything

in fact, the more i think about it, the more i think it’s just a dislike of poor people, and black people have (for obvious historical reasons) been disproportionately poor in this country. i hated living in a trailer park too and you saw stupid shit go down there all the time. in fact, the worst ‘experience’ i had with a black dude was him yelling at me from a moving car. i’ve been jumped by hicks and had them chase me down with their mudflap trucks way more when i was growing up, some forrest gump shit let me tell you

well other countries are racist in their own way. i cant speak on china too much but obviously no inter-racial marriages is big in asian countries unless your white, then its A-OK!

no, even if you’re white, the traditional asian families will still hate you, trust me

really? hmm all the asians i talked to said whites were ok. weird.