Two Hugo combo questions

Is it possible to do an Ultra throw, then plam bomber into a shootdown Backbreaker, i keep thinking ive done it once but is there a specific setup to do it.

Second Plam Bomber, into a Mosnter Lariat, i do this all the time in training,m but cant seem to get it to happen in a match, what do i need to do here, i usuall do a HP Bomber and then a LK Lariat and hits, is there a setup to this as well?

Using special move names makes it confusing, I don’t know the names of the moves. I know Ultra throw into backbreaker, and if plam bomber (palm bomber?) is the clap, then yes, in the corner. Don’t do the clap too early.

The Clap, to Lariat can be difficult. you have to be quick. It is also possible to do Clap (HP), crouching LK, EX Lariat. Just be quick and dont hold thems buttons

So it’s possible to do wall throw -> lp clap -> lk lariat? If so, how does the dmg of this compared to using the lk air grab instead? and is the lk lariat combo hard to do timing wise?

no my bad i got the bomber to lariat combo i was delaying just a little to much for it to work, the

:hcb: kick into :qcb: punch into :dp: kick i still dont think is possible.

Fixed it for legibility.

The combo is possible… I’ve seen it w/ my own eyes. Are you using the correct strength of attacks? Also, you are trying this in the corner… right?

That combo is easy, but it has to be done in the corner. Use LK Ultra Throw, then wait a moment before using LP Clap, then as soon as possible, use LK Backbreaker.
This combo does about 40 points of damage, which is about the same as a Moonsault Press.

its just a couple of points higher than the moonsault… but the stun is great hehe… and it looks cool plus it scares the shit out of opponents:nunchuck:

ah LK that explains it ok ive been doing this HK throw, then HP bomber then MK throw.

The combo can be done in the middle of the screen. It’s a matter of having the right spacing. Sometimes you might need to do rh wall throw -> dash in lp clap -> lk air grab.

yeah it does so alot of stun damage and damage for that, its always been things like that makeme wonder why Hugo is low tier.

me personally consider hugo more mid tier… its the fact that he has nothing abusable that people can use is why people consider him low… but in the right hands hugo is very dangerous… only hugo lacks is walk speed… bleh… other than that his poking game is one of the best… probably the only one who can compete with chun more failrly than others in a poke game…

true that and he can be cornered if done correctly.

who can be cornered hugo? so what… what hugo players dont use is his ex clothesline… its fast as fuck… if there trying to zone u just sit there and crouch and stalk em with it, watch their back and forth walking pattern ull know when to do it and its a knockdown with crossup opportunity… when they start looking for it then u can start walking forward…

yeah, but from across the stage they can still see a cllothesline coming and duck then knock him down and turtle away, but mostly yeah your right, and im going have to start usinbg hammer frenzy to have more room for ex moves.

ex clothesline not effective against small characters it doesnt even do tick damage when a small character ducks. i just use ex clothesline when in corner neutral grab then ex clothesline…

u dont know when to use it… it works here in austin… ur not suppose to do it across the screen… only within the distance were u dont hold the button, the travel speed is really fast in that small distance… cuz it will travel if u hold the punch…

Not sure if it’ll work consistently vs good players. If they block or crouch it’s a free throw/combo for them. Plus you can’t afford to waste meter on a random move like that with Hugo.

to be quite honest, u shouldn’t even worry about landing combos with Hugo except maybe

Ultra Throw, SDBB/SA2
crouching LP x2, SA3
that’s it

to be quite honest, u shouldn’t even worry about landing combos with Hugo except maybe

Ultra Throw, SDBB/SA2
crouching LP x2, SA3
that’s it