Two joysticks on one Endless Lobby - Xbox live


Hi guys,

Many times my friends come to my house to play SF4 on Xbox, and we often play on endless looby. But, the problem is, once one joystick had logged in, no other arcade joystick can be used to play. Even if we unplug the first one. How can this be avoided, if it can at all. Problem is, I can’t use others Arcade joystick because my joystick handle is on the right, and once me, or one of them with their joystick, sign in, other joystick can be used in endless looby.

If there is any solution, please let me know.


Did you try go all the way back to the start screen>guide button>sign out>plug-in other stick and sign-in with your account?


Stupid and horrible idea but you could dual mod both sticks to each other (maybe use DB25 cables) and plug in one of them, you’d have two sets of buttons and two sticks for one player’s controls.


Yes I did, but that’s not the point. I don’t want to sign in or out just to change joystick that are used to play.

@DanAdamKOF, sorry bro, that is not an option :S


I don’t play Endless Lobby or anything locally (we normally just do Versus matches when my group gets together), but is it an option not to sign in at all? I mean, I don’t remember the details, but I think the only thing you’d really be losing out on is your character costumes and colors?


make them both project box sticks


I too would like to know if there is a work around for this. 2 many times me and my bro want to play online (taking turns) but he uses american and I use jap.

Basically what we need is one of those headphone splitters that let 2 people listen to 1 cd player…but for controllers. USB splitter maybe? Pretty sure a 2port USB hub wouldn’t work, but something like that may be the solution (I would guess both pcbs would need to be the same though) maybe not…


I’m beginning to think that it’s a design decision on their part since you’re changing handles.