Two Madcatz TE stick don't feel the same


I bought two PS3 TE round 2 sticks during the December 2 for 1 sale and one of the sticks has a slight hitch in it. Mostly when moving Right or Down-Right, though sometimes I feel it happen in any direction. Just the barest extra click or bump when you first move the stick, but before it engages the switches.

It doesn’t affect gameplay and it doesn’t happen all the time. It is kinda annoying, though. the other stick doesn’t have this problem. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?


Any chance someone modded one of the sticks and put an Octo-gate in there, and then returned it afterwords?


There might be a wire catching on the bottom end of the shaft. You can open it up on the top side and still keep your warranty since the warranty sticker is on the bottom. Just take a peek and see if you can find anything there when you move the stick to the areas where you get the weird feeling.


First of all, Thanks for the quick replies.

I opened the top, as instructed, and there are no wires or anything obstructing the bottom of the stick.

I’ve felt an octo-gate before, and this is not an octo-gate.

This hitch happens just as you move the lever from vertical rest. I doesn’t happen every time, but when it does happen it can be 5-10 repetitions in the same (or similar) direction before it starts feeling smooth again. Is it possible that the stick sheath is catching in something internally?

I have an email in to Madcatz tech support… wait and see. If anyone has anymore ideas, I appreciate any advice offered.


I had a friend and that happened to his stick. You need to take the actual joystick apart starting with the C clip on the bottom of the shaft. When it is fully disassembled there will be a white piece that is kind of like half a sphere thats on the shaft. It’s the last piece you take off when you disassemble the stick (if i remember correctly). Just clean that white piece and reassemble. This is just speculation so I hope it helps.


Update: Waited for a week for a response from Madcatz. never came. I bought MvC3 and the first night I had it my wife used the problem stick for ~2 hours. She is a straight-up button masher, and a drummer, so I think she put the stick through it’s paces. Next day, it is way smoother. Still catches, but maybe 25 percent of the time compared to before.

Is this consistent with more learned users’ experience? Maybe the stick just needed a break-in period?


open the top panel of the TE, remove the jlf gate and pcb, then move the stick around. if the metal washer moves at anytime then that’s gotta be the hitch.


Definitely the pivot cylinder, I had the same problem, it’s because they need to be lubricated. Silicone grease is the answer, they sell stuff specifically for joysticks, or you can get Danco, silicone grease in the plumber’s section of Lowe’s or Home depot, it’s like 3 bucks. Don’t worry about the warranty too much, I know they are expensive, just take the thing apart lube the cylinder throw it back in, in about 20 rotations it’ll feel like new again.