Two other GC/TP events in the works

Dec 4th - InfernalLAN (part of the Intel LAN Fest stuff)
Intel is looking to beef up the console part of their LANs, and thanks to Nick they are asking me to get involved in helping with that.
No details yet, but the basics are $25 entry for a ~36 hr LAN. Tournaments will be happening and prizes TBD.
In the past they have raffled and given as prizes thinks like $500-$1000 processors, motherboards and such.
So no cash prizes, but if you win a $500 processor… who cares?

Dec 20th - 23rd
Date TBD but looking like right before Christmas.
I am working with a professional sports team in the PNW to do an event.
It would be $25-$35 entry. You would receive a ticket to that teams event, tons of swag, a tournament with cash prizes and prob some other prizes.
Between Halo Reach, MW2 and SSF4 we would be looking to get about 400 people to the event.

Details coming as I get them for both events.

Yeah I missed out on that conference call…again…what exactly did I miss?

You missed what was posted by Chris in his official tourneyplay thread and this thread being discussed. So, nothing except massive brain storming and organizing.

Frank - you missed a call about the Dec 4th event.

so do they still want me to help out? Or provide input for the SSFIV tournament? The only thing that I was going to push was cash prizes but seeing that it’ll be computer stuff. I’d actually suggest consoles as prizes for a console tournament.

Yeah, a few of us(like me) would love to win an i7 or something. But the majority of you guys don’t even have PCs to play games I think heh.

Danny, we can get in some SC2 when I get my new streaming rig built.

Speaking of streaming…haha :-p

But I look forward to the announcements.

@Frank - I assume they do… I have a Conf Call with the entire group on Aug 4th I think it is… SO I will know more then.

Prizes - Yeah they are working on the prizes. Just can not be Cash is what I took away from the intial talk.

Live Stream - I will find out if the Intel event can have/wants to have. For the Pro Sports Team Event I will DEF want it and I think its going to be down in your area Slash… that sort of narrows down the Sports Team doesnt it?? Opps

That’s cool, but I think you should see how this one goes before diving in more.