Two Part Question

  1. Is your main no longer your main when you lose so many matches in a row with him/her? I am maining (for lack of a better word) Oni and I win a few matches, but sometimes I have very crushing defeats with him. This makes me doubt my ability in the game and with him. I try other characters only to find out I do worse with them, or they just don’t fit me.

  2. Where can I find nice people to play against? For the most part the people I meet online are mean or just bitter that they lost to me (as if the hate mail is not obvious). I want to fight people who are a challenge, but are also nice and a good sport about the game.

Please help me out with these issues.

P.S. This may seem kinda out of place (if so I am sorry), but this is just a little clip for putting up with this. I thought it was cool.

Really depends on how confident I feel with my main…have to put the time and effort to learn the matchups.
If you are new to fighting games…you have to realize that you won’t be pro overnight.
Start here…maybe go to a few local gatherings/tournaments.

Your main is whoever you mainly play, at any point in time. It’s really just a useless label.

If I decided I wanted to play nothing but Adon tomorrow, I’d be maining him for a day. In the grand scheme of things, I’d still main Dan.

If I decided I wanted to play nothing but Adon forever after tomorrow, I’d be maining him.

I’m afraid that does not answer my question(s) very well.

The best choice for a main is going to be a character you can stick with even when you start losing. Look at me, I use T. Hawk. I shouldn’t have to tell you that I get my ass handed to me sometimes (especially against characters like Sagat, Dhalsim, Blanka, Juri, Akuma, Guile, Gouken, Vega, and Cammy…for some reason). But I just suck it up and get the hell back in there. If you like Oni and you feel as if you can keep using him, even on a losing streak, then there should be no doubt in your mind that you should stick with him.

Thank you. I can know honestly say I will stick with Oni.

Good man. Can’t say I’ve seen much Oni love. At least not much worth writing home about.

I second Geese Pants’ recommendation to check out the regional matchmaking section.