Recently I realized that not a single one of my friends is into fighting games what-so-ever :sweat:. Looking to meet some people in my area from Shoryuken.

I’m not very good right now at any fighting games because it’s been a while since I’ve played them (only played VF5 & Tekken 5DR recently), so I figured improving with actual people rather than computers would be in my best interests. I have experience with competitive gaming in tournaments and such (World of Warcraft Arenas + Counter-Strike 1.6) but have only entered 1 tournament for a fighting game (a long long long time ago for EHRGEIZ)… so I don’t really know how I compare to other players in general.

So I’m just looking to improve my game significantly in multiple fighters and make a couple new friends while I’m at it, and maybe try my luck at a couple tourneys if I gain some decent skill… plus my little brother’s friends stole like all of my games pretty much… so I’m missing 3 of my most important PS2 games - MvC2, CvS2 & Street Fighter Anniversary (which included 3S x_X).

So yeah, if you’re in my area and you play Tekken 5:DR or VF5… or have a copy of MvC2, CvS2 or 3S and want to play, hit me up. Or if there’s like a group of you somewhere who plays I’d love to join in :wonder:

Anywho, the 2nd part. Just wondering where all the good arcades are now (in terms of game selection & competition)… seems my favorites have all shut down or rotted into crappy arcades. Preferably within like 30 minutes of my area.

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714 is welcome too


Buena Park is about 25 minutes from Regency. People play mvc2 and 3s there.