Two poems. Might post more

Lyrical Comfort Zone

Light asunder, eyes shut softly
Headphones wrapped gently round my head
Lost in the world of audio hell
A different sound, not understood
Lacking rhyme or reason
Formless and free, breaking the prisons of convention
Lyrical simplicity, a message not easily found
Repetition comes down like a thundering cloud
The noise, as is, the thunder

But what of the cage? How does it go?
No rhyme or reason, no protection, or safety
Mind warping in its very own core
A dozen things leak out, two, three at a time
Oozing its way to my heart
This sound is unique, not like the others
But is that a good thing, or bad?

Come to me, my simple soul
And let me make you complex
A thousand sides, more and more
Each more identical than the last
Be an individual, more like the rest
Confer your safety to us
They wont be your friends, theyll judge and stare
They wont understand you like we.
Be one. Be you like us.


The dancers spring to life and flame
’Tis time to play, time for the game
A moment if you please, good sir
Surely your curiosity stirs?

We’re naught but simple gypsies, lad
Good times for all are to be had
Care to take a wager then?
Well step into my humble den

Gaze into my crystal ball
Your mind is blocked, I’ll crush the wall
Now now, my dear, don’t fret, don’t cry
A gentle process, so let my pry

I see…I see…your childhood
Now now young one, don’t leave, that’s rude!
A mother, father, how very quaint
But you, I see, weren’t quite a saint

The blood you shed, it lingers, haunts
Her face is burned, her smile taunts
Wait, wait! Don’t go I’m not done yet.
Sit down, relax, my little pet

Your sleep is gone, your rest is rare
But secretly, you know, it’s fair
Her life, exchanged for peace of mind
Easy friend, you won’t be fined.

How do I know all this, you ask?
It’s really quite a simple task
I saw you do it, so long ago
She was my sister, so you know

Ha! A knife? Just put it down.
And wipe away that stupid frown
Samson! Come in. And show him, please
What happens to rats who take the cheese.