Two Poems


Just something i wrote…

Poem number one:

The story of a feeling

Every day that I walk down the corridor
Wondrin just what will happen when I see her more
Holdin my breath, just about to choke
Waiting for the time when she awoke
Mind workin all night without a breather
All i could think was how i want to see her
Time ticking like a clock with a broken arm
Just wish she would see my attempt to charm

I find a time to confess my feeling
In the moment, heart quickly beating
It pounds so that the thoughts escape
Want to soar out with a superman cape
The feelings are as real as the air we breathing
Cause the feelings coming out, of their sheathing
No thinking needed cause it comes from the heart
My mind walkin aside to make way for the start

The feelings are out, I feel the pride
Knowing, that you will always be at my side
It’s not something that can be described, no definition to the word
Happiness talking over and just wanting to be heard
I feel like holding you tightly, whispering in you ear
There is no longer anything, that i could fear
I want to jump up and go past the ceiling
Addicted to the drug you’re dealing, the story of feeling

Poem Number 2:

The Prisoners

What happens when nobody knows
The thought in the shadows
The owner of the thought is not alone
The thoughts will scream and moan
Thought’s haunt the minds of the millions who see
What they will never amount to be

Life in the shambles of a dark alley
The thoughts are trapped and the guards take the tally
The prisoners will try to escape
To escape, they will have to reshape
Through the bars few will go leaving the rest behind
So lucky to finally leave the owners mind


I’m diggin’ that first poem.

Maybe one day I’ll know what it’s about. My poem ends a little differently at the moment.


Thanks, it was originally a song with some other stuff but I didn’t like it. It was for a friend to sing so it wasn’t actually from personal experience…I liked it better as a poem after the other parts were takin out.