Two problem areas I need help with - any advice?



Hello folks,

I am having problems with two areas:

1.) Backthrow into x2 into Denjin. What is up with the timing on this? Sometimes I get 2 hits in which gives me a solid buffer into ultra, sometimes only 1. I hold the stick up as soon as the throw animation starts, and I can even turn turbo on MP and it still only does 1 hit sometimes.

Quite confused.

2.) Any tips on a blockstring of jump/dive into > c.lp xx l.palm?

I really suck at doing dragon punch moves cancelled from a crouch - especially a light attack.

Bonus question: Any tips on landing tatsu after backthrow? I’ve embarassed myself far too often with a horrid whiff because I go too soon or too late


As with most things gouken, it’s all manual timing. just disable turbo, it’s not useful for this character.

  1. after backthrow, hold jump so you always jump on the first frame. after that, it’s manual timing on the mp. too early, and you’ll only get the 2nd hit. A little later and you’ll get the two hit. A little later after that, and you’ll get only the first hit, and the 2nd will wiff because it’s too high. You’ll have to practice in the training room, and then adjust on the fly online for the lag. also, always be prepared for mistiming it. if you accidently get the 2nd hit only, then you usually want to do an immediate nj.hp or followup to at least salvage some damage and confuse the opponent. if you accidentally get the doublehit without denjin, go for immediate lk flip with a late-as-possible kick ender if they quickrise (which can, but doesn’t always, crossup) or if they don’t quickrise, land the flip with a parry, immediate nj, and a crossup air tatsu on the way down. If you accidentally get only the first hit, then either go for sweep for the HKD setups or the hp xx flip reset.

  2. after hitting close mp, hold downforward to do the cr.lp then move to down then back to downforward for the lp.palm. I believe it’s a 2frame link for the tight blockstring in ultra, which should be safe enough online to not worry about blocking after the mp.

  3. tatsu after backthrow is also just all manual timing, just like the Practice offline, then manually adjust to lag. You also need to adjust for the size of your opponent hurtbox. With, say, gief, it’s easy. So don’t practice on him. Practice on cammy or chun so you know the exact moment you are aiming for.

Because of manual timing and lag, you generally don’t want to use backthrow early on in an online match, especially if you wanna use tatsu. Wait until you’ve got it in your head what the lag adjustment should be so you save yourself from a roflcopter.


This belongs in the new gouken thread. Other new players might be asking the same questions. However, if a normal tatsu after backthrow is giving you problems, do xx mk tatsu instead. Almost the same damage and you land close and ready to put on wake up pressure.