Two PS3 sticks on PS4 USF4


Has anyone actually tried and got Two PS3 sticks working at the same time on Versus? Because whenever I try, the second stick takes control of the first player stick. I have both DS4 pads on and I’ve left the two sticks connected at the start of the game, even tried to plug them in as I tried starting the game. So has any one else run into to this problem and solved it? Thanks


You have to do them one at at time. By that I mean connect one dual shock 4, start up USFIV and go to the versus screen. At the versus screen connect your ps3 stick and press a button. That ps3 should now be connected and associated with you DS4. After you have done this, now connect the second ds4 and pick a profile. Go back to USFIV. Now connect the 2nd ps3 stick. It should work now.

The ps3 stick will always connect to the last ds4 connected. But if you have 2 dual shocks connected it will always try to be player 1. This is why you have to connect it one at a time.


Thank you for your reply but I have also tried this before but it still does not work. Every time I sign in on the second player and plug the second stick, it takes control over P1. I would like to note that I am trying to use two Madcatz sticks (SFxT. VS edition). I hear that this is the problem apparently