Two questions about: Mad Catz - Street Fighter 4 FightStick Tournament Edition

Hello, before I buy Mad Catz - Street Fighter 4 FightStick Tournament Edition, I need to ask to questions becuse $150 is alot to me becuse I have no job.

  1. Does it have turbo fuction? How well is it?

  2. Does it work on SFIV for PC to(I am going to buy the 360 version if the stick)?

btw I searched on the internet but couldnt find any anwser.

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it has a turbo. Works pretty well as far as I can tell. Use of turbo is frowned upon by people who give a shit.



I have the PS3 version and it works for my laptop, but not my desktop. Apparently the USB chipset is the determining factor. The onboard on my panasonic laptop is supported, but my nvidia based desktop is not. A cheap, 10$ PCI usb expansion card from newegg works fine.

Turns out the 360 version works just fine on PC, no USB wierdness.

Theres probably a better thread to ask this than making a new thread but, like you, I’m too lazy to look for it, so I’ll just answer your questions as best I can instead of talking shit…

I don’t think the 360 version of the stick has the problems with the motherboards.

Never tried the 360 version on a pc, I have a ps3 SE just for that, but the PS3 version works just fine with a no-name multi card reader with a usb port, works fine with my q6600 and 8800gt.

360 te works on windows with no problems.

I think any 360 stick works great on windows, Im using the DOA hori 360 on 2DF.

yeah, the 360 stick will use the windows xbox 360 controller driver, so shouldnt be too many issues there.

as far as mobo chipset issues i hear it was amd based machines, but it might be due to nvidia as these people have said.

the turbo button on the stick is a pain, just read the instructions to figure how to turn it off, but it is defenitely something that you cannot just set up on the fly. also, some games (playing 1945 demo on psn for instance) the turbo didnt work.

so, stick good, worth it (can get it for 130 on newegg, free ship, or look for a place like amazon that doesnt charge tax), but if you are looking into using the turbo a lot, it might not be what you want.

Turbo? :nono:

In my experiences the stick works great for the PC. I use it to play games all the time.

360 TE version work fine. They’re plug and play for the most part but the Microsoft drivers can be easily attained if you have issues. The PS3 TE are the only ones with compatibility issues with certain chipsets. I never really understood why people need turbo function unless you’re playing a shmup or Track and Field…

there 130 free shipping on amazon

ok, so nabokovfan87 says that the turbo fuction sucks on TE. Can anyone else confirm what he says? How often does it “press” the button? like 3 time a second?

Ive got the 360 TE and confirm it works great on my PC/Windows XP Pro 32bit with no problems, use it to play SFIV and MAME games all the time. The turbo has 2 speed settings, very fast and umm not so fast…hard to tell really how many times a second but I would say about 10 for very fast and 5 for not so fast.

Im not sure what problems nabokovfan87 is having but the turbos are as easy to set up as it is to push a button. You just hold the turbo button down and tap the button you want turbo on once for high speed, twice for slower speed and a third time to switch it back off.

Buy the TE man you’ll love it!

Thank you for the information. I have orderd it and I get it tomorrow

I think Turbo is only for messing around and stuff.

It’s been made pretty obvious but don’t you think that since a 360 controller works on PC that a big controller with a weird button layout and a giant stick would work the same way?

Well from my experience the Turbo on the TE is way way slower then the Turbo on Hori sticks.

I only used turbo on shoot-em-up games and run-n-gun games like metal slug and I enjoyed the Turbo on my Hori Stick alot better.

well, if the turbo is to fast then its crap to. I had a turbo once that “pressed” the button every 0,02 seconds. Thats very very fast and it didnt work well with street fighter 4.

I think TE have perfect turbo. We se tomorrow.

ok, issue i was bringing up. lets say i get mid game and decide to switch to using turbo. takes like 3 seconds of holding the turbo thing down to put it into “select the turbo buttons” mode and to undo it takes about 10 or so of holding down.

like i was saying when i playing 1945, it just didnt go as fast as me hitting the button, which is understandable, but it would shoot the bullets maybe 2-3 times a second when i would hit double that.

i messed around in the genesis collection and on the arcade game demos just for fun, it isnt the best turbo is all i was saying. keep in mind, you dont buy an arcade stick for the turbo function, isnt that why 90% of the ones i see dont have a turbo thing on it?

i just downloaded the demos, ill grab the camera and post a video.

ok so i had everything ready, and then i figured out why the turbo doesnt work.

aparently, when you push the button and turbo at the same time you still need to hold the button to actually use the button with turbo.

so yeah… thats pretty dumb, here is how the thing works just so the op knows:

hold turbo, hit button you want turbo’d and the light will flash. hit it again, it will flash slower (slower speed), hit it 3 times and it is off. hold turbo for like 10 seconds and all turbo’s are off.

What’s the availability of the TE sticks nowadays? When they first came out, the things were impossible to get a hold of and the ones for sale on eBay had some really ridiculous prices. Newegg seems to have them lying around for $149.99 (The Canadian one at least) but there’s no indicator as to whether they’re in stock or not. Just seems a little too good to be true