Two questions, and also hello :)


Hello, I’m skyler and I’m what almost everyone calls an average player. I’ve gotten used to the moniker, so often times I find myself second-guessing most things as far as fighting games go. I’m new to the site, so hello from Average Skyler.

Now to the meat and carrots of things, I have two questions and any help would be great. Well, technically 2.5, but here goes.

  1. What is one of the better fighting games with a bit less of a learning curve?

I ask this because I own all of the evo games (barring KoF, getting AE) and all in all I find myself just being average in them all. I main Gief in SSFIV and SFxT, Cyrax in MK, and in ultimate and SC I don’t really have mains. I have online capability and a brother to play against though he isn’t too much of a challenge. I honestly want to improve and get beyond being average, and I have some good techs and tricks I pull in games but all in all it doesn’t seem to matter.

  1. Is there something wrong with my character choices?

Often some people tell me I’d be a lot better if I didn’t play so low on the tier list (I’ve never known gief to be exceptionally low as of late, but Cyrax comes to mind), and others say if I played less “slanted” characters I’d do better. I like gief, I have since I first picked him in the movie theatre all those years ago. He has been my solid main forever and I feel like he is the most comfortable for me to play. At the same time, his lack of zoning makes me ask… am I wrong?

I look through top circuits and its a rare sight to see anyone using Gief barring the spare one or two, most everyone uses people like Ryu and Ken. I feel like I might be holding myself back by using Vodka, but at the same time I can’t see myself enjoying anyone else. Should I be switching it up and picking someone more balanced?


I’m definitely no expert but I’d say just play as the characters you like and have fun playing. Being a character that isn’t seen too often has some advantages, people may not know the matchup giving u the advantage. A perfect example I can think of is that one Japanese player Kusoru who ran viewtiful joe/ frank west/ rocket raccoon no one on that team is very high tier except for maybe a properly leveled frank west and he won the whole thing with some nice play and new technology no one had seen yet.


Agree with above,

I’d say try to find some solid training partners,preferably around your level. Read the domination 101 articles, footsie handbook on and work on your fundamentals.
memorize your char’s BnB combo’s, best punishes, links etc. Gief is actually really good in SFXT imo:pray:



Most people play Ryu and Ken because despite any hate for shotos they are solid characters and have pretty good chances of taking you to the finals and even winning it too. I’ve never considered Gief hella low tier, but If you can’t get around when other characters zone you, out a change might be good. Because you can’t main Gief if you can’t get around zoning tactics. To practice against zoning I would find people that main Dhalsim, Gouken, Juri and maybe even Guile. I won’t count Akuma and his zankus because thats runaway, not zoning, and there is a difference.I would also say SFxTK and SkullGirls have less of a learning curve. I say this because both of them teach you about fighting games and what some things mean, whereas in other games you either gotta google it or find someone to teach it to you.


I do appreciate the advice. To gam3r, I was tired when I wrote this but I meant how Gief himself doesn’t have a zoning game. I’m fine against fighting zones since I’m pretty savvy in jab SPD and the ranges and whatnot.