Two questions for the pros: Buttons and Pins


I build a stick some time ago for me but a friend bought it a month or so after and since then he has been using it constantly, no flaws so far, but yesterday we have a special event at our job (yeah, they allowed us to play video games) and he brings that fightstick and I noticed that the buttons have some damn white signs of worn that I start to hate immediately.

Here are the infamous signs, I don’t know if they are from the inside since the outside surface still feels pretty smooth:

They are Seimitsu’s PS-14-G-N, don’t know if this happens to Sanwa’s Clears and Semi-Clears too… but I want to know how the pros deal with this kind of stains or if is there any way to prevent them?

I know out there are several sticks with art inserts in the buttons and some of them may have this signs of worn too, and since I’m planning to do some LED mods on 3 sticks I want to keep these stains away from my work, they ruin the good look of any fightstick.

Now, the 2nd question, does anybody happens to know the name or part # and place where can I find this kind of pin connectors?

This is from the Sanwa H5 harness and I want to replace all the wires to use one color only, I have seen some mods that have all the wires this way and they look great, I have tried online stores with no luck since I don’t know the name of them.

Then I was thinking if I can use these connectors:

Along with these pre-crimped wires:

I want to connect them to a Sanwa PCB assembly, but don’t know if the will fit, if so, this will be a very good and cheap solution to one of my problems.

Any advice or help will be very appreciated.


It looks sort of like a “flag terminal” but this looks like a specialized one.


JST SHF-001T-0.8BS is.



Thanks James, I will look for them.

Any advice for the problem with the plungers?


That’s just wear and tear, slick. If you’re wanting your buttons to stay pristine, don’t use them.