Two questions regarding knockdowns and lariats


Hello everyone, this is my first post on this board but I’ve been lurking for quite some time. I have two questions and stuff I need to work on. First is what to do after knocking down the opponent? I play Ryu so my current solution is to throw a fireball at a safe but everything else I tried doesn’t work. If I try to do a crossup they see it coming and block or I eat an auto corrected shoryuken. My second question is what to do against lariat spam when stuck in the corner? I don’t lose completely to it but when I get out it’s mostly by trying random shit. If I duck and turtle too much I get a SPD in the face. I would also like some tips against Sagat. I don’t usually have trouble with him but my friend’s Sagat gives me trouble.

I know those are noob questions but I’m still a novice. Thanks for your help and this forum, I learned a lot here.


For your first question, it really depends on who you’re fighting and in some cases how much bar they have. People can see a cross up (obviously, I mean you ARE jumping over his head) but what comes after that can be a multitude of things. You could cross up and do a block string if they block (or you get free damage if they don’t). You could empty cross up and grab them. You could cross up and then throw them. You could cross up, start a block string and then throw them.

Not only that though but there are other things you can do as well. Wake-up shoryuken happy person? Try jumping right in front of them but don’t attack but time your jump so that you’re about to hit the floor as they’re getting up. They’ll try to shoryu and you get free damage. Of course they could throw you but just get that LP+LK ready. Likewise, you can throw them when you jump in front of their face if they block. Remember that this is all a guessing game and even though option selecting can beat out some of the guessing game, just remember that when you knock down your opponent, you are always at the advantage so keep that advantage with whatever you can. Also take note of meter. You can meaty a Boxer with no EX meter as all of his reversals are pretty bad but he has an opportunity to throw out an EX Headbutt once he does get meter.

As for the lariat spam, sweep or find a gap in his lariats where you can hurricane kick up and out (do a hurricane kick just as your feet leave the ground). Being in the corner with Gief is one of the worst things that can happen so do your best to avoid it as possible.

And for Sagat, I’d would suggest reading up on the match up thread for Ryu in the SF4 forum. All I can say is: Don’t try to be too aggressive. The rest I’ve yet to figure out >.>


Well to answer the first question…it completely depends on how you knock the opponent down. If you knock them down with a shoryu, you usually don’t have time to do much.

If you knock them down with a throw or a sweep, you can go for Ryu’s crossup HK tatsu. [media=youtube]1oQGpgoCkNc#t=249[/media]

But you have to learn to do it. After a throw, try taking a step back and doing it. It’s hard to explain the timing, you have to do the tatsu motion before you cross over the opponent. Crossup tatsu is good because it has to be blocked the wrong way and will beat reversal shoryus.

Its kind of difficult to answer that because what Ryu should do after a knockdown is different against every char.

Also against Gief lariat spam…im not sure but i think Ryu cr. MK will beat that shit every time? You might have to block first, then cr. MK.

But in general, as Ryu…you never have to be stuck in the corner. If you do an HK Tatsu on the way up from a jump you’ll do this longass runaway air tatsu.
[media=youtube]OR6ZWiHE-4c&feature=related[/media] (ignore Balrog in this video)

Also, the person in the video seems to have done the escape tatsu wrong. You should actually float up to the top of the screen and fly very far away if you did it right. Learn it, it’s useful, especially against Zangief.


Thanks for the help, I’ll try that tomorrow at work. I got past some of my limits recently with Ryu and I’ve been winning a lot at work but one of my coworkers started playing again and I have real trouble with his Zangief. Still, I like playing against him I like working for a win.


The lariat is a good move, but it does have plenty of weaknesses. If he’s doing it up close, he won’t be able to get away from being tripped after the block. Far away, use a projectile so that it’s at his body just as the move ends, get a jumping attack on him as it ends, or find something that will hit the tip of his fist without allowing you to get hit, yourself. Personally, I only use the lariat to avoid projectiles or work with a cross-up combo. Once in a while I’ll do it against a focusing opponent, because they’ll end up still getting hit and taking double the damage from 2 hits (but people don’t focus much against a Zangief that can grab them). It’s just too vulnerable to randomly throw out there.


If you’re cornered and block a lariat, it’s a free out for you. Sweep after block, jump forward, fast hurricane kick will fly you out of the corner.