Two shot in argument over who makes Kool-Aid better. Detroit



I mean, they could have waited until tomorrow, when the food stamps kick-in, and they could have settled it like gentlemen. Yeah, just fence that city in, brown it out, throw some cameras in, and let the rest of us PPV or something.

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Wouldn’t it be absolutely hilarious if it was two white guys?



Monopoly is next…


I could never have pitchered this, even in my wildest imagination.


So, what IS the best way to make koolaid? Do you just like…triple the sugar until you can’t taste the simulated berry flavor or something?

I mean, fried chicken, there is something that takes culinary skill, you know, cooking times, meat selection, oil temperature, seasoning and breading, there is substance to it. I could understand bloodshed over chicken. Koolaid is sugar and water.


Who can honestly say they expected anything but two black people?


And colour. Don’t forget the colour.




Kool-Aid is more than sugar and water. It’s a powder containing flavor that must be maximized by the precise amount of sugar and water, or else it’s not Kool-Aid. If you can’t make a batch of Kool-Aid with the required skill and finesse then stay away from Kool-Aid.

You think I’m just gonna dump sugar and water into a jug and present it to Chef Ramsay as Kool-Aid just so he can spit it in my face, rip out my soul, and eat it because of how I half-assed Kool-Aid? No sir, I will not act in such disrespect.


As a law-abiding white democrat, I shall not place this event on my black brothers, but on the depressing state of Detroit.


I guess I could say I’m surprised but not really. I remember Kool Aid being serious business back home in Detroit :rofl:


Making good Kool-Aid is not so easy. If you don’t do it right it will taste like water or it will taste too sweet to know what flavor it is.


They wanted some of that purple stuff.

Screw the Sunny D.


As crazy as this is I would of loved to have seen it go down.


What? Are you saying you can make better koolaid then me because you take it all serious and shit?
You wanna fight?


…black people.



hahahahaha Oh hell naw hahahaha

"One of the shooters drove off in a… purple Impala"

That nigga is srs about his koolaid.


Oh yeah Oh yeah!..oh…no…

  • :bluu:


I haven’t made Kool-Aid in years, but if you’re not squeezing a lemon in…

…you’re not doing it right.


i came into the thread laughing my ass off. i left laughing even harder.


You mean The Color Purple?