Two Stick-Mod Questions


Alright, two questions for the pros here:

First, I know I can use vinyl dye to paint a Madcatz TE base, but I have the SC5 one; does the transparency make a difference?

Second, is it possible to dual-mod a 360 TE to operate with a wii without spending an absurd amount of money? I’d love to play TvC with this stick.


  1. why ruin a beautiful case?

  2. you want the PiiWee, you’d need to cords out obviously, but thats ok.


Maybe he can get a kitty with gc cords?


Solderless with the kitty would be nice, though the PiiWee looks fairly simple honestly. Thanks for the help. EDIT: How about making a TvC stick operate with a 360, as well?

I ask about the case because I can’t afford another TE base to just mod and plop my internals iin, unless you’ve got some ideas?


you could find a shell in the trading outlet for a decent price maybe. I dont think anyone has tried to dye a transparent case before. I’ve seen transparent buttons dyed to other transparent colours though, so would probably be the same in that situation. Only one way to find out really :slight_smile:

I also only suggested the PiiWee since he mentioned inexpensive. Of course, he didn’t stay what his budget was :slight_smile:


Pick up an se case as a spare stick so you can test the paint.
Or just do extensive research.
Vinyl dye is good if your case is in pristine condition.
Just remember if you decide to just paint it; sand/paint/wetsand/paint/wetsand/clear coat/wetsand/clearcoat


Thinking about getting a cheap TvC for an easy modstick. Just gotta learn what systems I can make it work with.


Why not plan the mod around the transparent case. Painting is such a waste.


Kinda difficult when theming it.

Ordering a TvC stick soon, though, and I’ll just be modding that. Not sure how to dual mod it to 360, though.


Dual mods have been covered almost to no ends.
Other than that use the “Search term” in google. or here.