Two things

  1. Since negative edge seems to only affect special moves (or at least they don’t apply to normals), I was thinking of a sneaky way to punish fireballs with hasan shu on reaction. Now, I don’t know if this is what other people do, and I use a controller so I may be hindered in hasan shu’ing normally, but one thing I do is when I’m well beyond sweep range and they feel content with pelting fireballs, I will buffer holding down RH so as to activate negative edge and always move backward with the half circle motion, in the event that if they were to fireball, I would be able to release RH on reaction (after having moved backward) and do hasan shu in what seems to be a slightly faster time frame. Sort of a thing that comes more natural as you do it, but I really think this helps. Does anyone else do this?

  2. This one is a lot simpler to explain… how effective is crMK xx EX SBK against balrog’s dash in’s? Sometimes I’ll throw them out randomly in hopes that he dash punched in, and I’m pretty sure you can cancel into EX SBK quickly enough to punish any of the dash punches (though his dash straight is still pretty damn fast, and I haven’t done extensive testing). How reliable is this method?

So nobody has any input? :frowning:

both of your points are small potatoes ie not really worth it:

no reason to negative edge HS cause if your executionis on point the roundhouse wont come out anyway so you wont eat a fireball cause the HS didnt come out… thats the only reason i could see to negative edge it at least.

  1. it would be possible to xx sbk rogs dash punch on reaction… for some people… myself NO. even the people that could do it would have a very low success ratio for being able to do it on reaction.

stuffing rogs dashs is more about throwing out random SAFE low pokes hoping that you “read” the rog right. and honestly playing against him isnt about stuffing dash punches… its about stuffing jumpins, making him walk into pokes, wakeup games etc. stuffing dashs is REALLY small priority cause it will generally take your eye off the prize so to speak… you have to get tunnel vision to do what your talking about and that opens up other facets of rogs game…

if you can do it consistently without letting other parts of your game falter more power to you or your op is BAD…


He’s smart.

  1. Sounds awkward. Sounds like the MK3 run button. Bleh. Not worth it man. You got tons of time to press that RH when you see it. The timesaver that you are already doing is ghosting your joystick motions. :tup:

  2. Never do anything randomly. :wink:

lol i used my thumb for mk3 run button… shit was good after that on arc… on console… shit was TORTURE having to use the shoulder buttons!!!



Thanks guys. Like I said I just wanted to see what others thought about what I do, so I’ll eliminate it from my game or remember to master it.

My op IS bad. I have no scene where I live. You live in SoCal, do you know how fortunate you are? I live in Indiana, nobody plays this game here, the only op I get are XBL addicts who… spam things. Like headbutt on wakeup. I can’t evolve my own play because my op is so limited and narrow.

But what am I? Just a random guy in the middle of Indiana who wants to be strong at this game, surrounded by no competition, no-one with a spirit for the game, to be skilled, or to spend time learning how to be skilled, doomed to deal with circumstancial hindrances to the evolution of my game.

But thanks though, I’ll try not to use the 1st technique, and not to rely on the 2nd.

I use negative edge the same way as in number 1. Buffering hasanshu is sort of a guess… you need to be able to react before Ryu can uppercut or jump out of the way, and you definitely don’t want to do it before he fireballs. I like that I can guess and have time to think at the same time while not throwing out a roundhouse if he happens to trigger me by throwing a fireball at the wrong time. Instead, if my buffering window has passed, I get to stand there dumbly and react in a way that doesn’t directly involve hasanshu. Then all I need to worry about is timing the 1-frame ex legs follow up on standing opponents when I do connect.