Two Tigers??

In the latest Evo2k4, I remember watching Clockw0rk’s amazing comeback w/ Strider/Doom. Near the end of the match when Storm had like almost 0 health and alpha countered in Psylocke (he dodged it using c. hk right?). He was doing the lp, lp, hp thing with Ouroburos on, and I remember seeing him doing two tigers?

it didn’t even hit Psylocke yet but the screen moved and the first tiger passed him, and he sent another tiger?

sending out tigers/birds while buffering in a b.f charged fireball, now thats filling up the screen lol :clap:

I’m confused… did the tigers come out faster because wig blocked the first one? or can you call the animals out faster at anytime during the game? oh and not sure if I should ask it here, but how did strider grab psy during her air super? can he do that against other supers as well that have not such a fast starting frames?

You can throw out animals fast anytime. You can have two tigers/birds on the screen at the same time. Ragnarok has as much as other grabs in priority which can grab certain things like that.