Two women escape from prison, to be apprehended by an escape room




wtf is an escape room?


You know those old escape the room flash games? or perhaps, are you familiar with the zero escape series? Same idea, only real.


Or in other words it is like a Live action roleplaying SAW, but with none of the dismemberment and life endangerment


Those bitches ran out of Prison just to do a 360 turn to head back…
Sounds like a success to me.


Got you beat dawg


Presumably moonwalking.


what the hell is an escape room?


still waiting for an understandable answer to this question


Basically, you get locked in a room and you have to solve the puzzles in the room to get out. There are various clues within the room that you have to put together in order to solve it. A lot of places will use different themes to shake things up, (Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, etc)


If you’ve never done one an escape room is amazing. I’m a bit of an addict, got two rooms lined up in the next two months.


In a sort of hair brained way I can see the logic behind that.

Prison sucks but so would life on the run if they broke out and escaped.

So they must have seen the chance and figured it would be better in the long run to serve their sentances and be truely free at the end of it.

But prison still sucks and they got the chance staring them right in the face so they did the next best thing, go out and get a bunch of shit that will either directly or indirectly through selling it make their stay more comfortable.

I mean they got caught on cctv so tough shit but if they had been smart enough to not nick the stuff and just use a payphone to get a relative or mate to give them some shit to smuggle back in it could have been a good plan, or at least a better one than straight up escaping.


Should’ve starting making out in the escape room.


Worst one I’ve ever been in was a Death Note Themed room. You could actually solve it within 10 minutes if you had seen the series before (I hadn’t). That should never happen in a well-designed escape room.

Then I watched the series and wished I hadn’t. Fucking Misa.


I’d have spent my time in the room taking notes and over-dramatically eating potato chips.



I recently heard about those escape rooms but when I looked it up it’s $45 for 1 hour. Gtfo


Proud of my hometown dumb ass bitches.


Mad Max Fury Road plot


Police say they were headed to the Monopoly room, hoping to find a Get Out Of Jail Free Card.