TW's 2: @ the dojo, Seth Division: 07/17/10

#1 <- go here for schedules, team rosters, standings, and rules.


I wanna win everygoddamnedthing. Let’s go, Muggish Negroes/IFHTG all day.:rock:


YES it is on


This will be hype.


Might be a n00bish question on my part, but does IFHTG mean “I Fuckin’ Hate This Game”?


You know me too well Francis. Either that, or IFHTG was too easy to decipher hahaha.


strawberry sex


Black Dynamite
White Dynamite



who will survive?!


Is that $35 per game? So if I want to compete in SSFIV and HDR, it’s a solid $70?


Just to attempt to clear this up immediately: The format listed/displayed above counts for BOTH games, correct? It was obviously written with SSF4 in mind so I just wanna clear that up.

EDIT: This is Ghrrk hahah at my friends house didnt realize he was logged in.




Looks like I better start practicing HDR. lol.


Hah, probably a bit of both. I’m sure you’ve yelled IFHTG a few times when I’ve been around.


The rules will apply for both games.


These are the times I wish I was out of college 2 more years hope the hype is still alive


IFHTG lol you guys should automatically be in the playoffs


I already didn’t like the OCV rules and now OCVs are getting even more buff? Shit.


In my opinion, it will be much more difficult to get an OCV.


long time but infrequent nw poster here. excited to be part of the scene again but got a few questions.

  1. is this once a month?
  2. and i’m assuming that the $35 fee is for the full season?