TWW - Game Newton 3S Foreigners Tournament - 08/09/07

TWW - The World Warrior: SF3 3rd Non-Japanese Tournament

This is an open invitation to all non-Japanese players who will be in Tokyo during the SBO period in August. BOC, myself and OzHadou staff have thanks to Mr Matsuda of Game Newton been able to organise a special event during SBO week. Why? Seeing as SBO is the only time when such a large number of players from different countires will be in one spot we figured it would be interesting to have a tournament open only to non-Japanese players so as to determine which country or player/s are the strongest outside of Japan.


To determine the strongest non-Japanese player/country. I will also aim to organise an exhibition match between the winner of this tournament and the no 1 player in Japan. (Whoever they select)

Also to note this tournament will be capped via direct feed and will also include commentation! (Still deciding on who can do that… Matsuda or perhaps someone from FFA?)


Game Newton, Oyama Location. This is the newer location he recently opened in the past year. It is not the original Newton (Shimura Sanchome) location. Matsuda recommened the Oyama location as it is newer, bigger and has alot more room than the older location.


  • Tournament Directors: TSC, BOC & Jack (I also ask Arlieth or John Choi to join us if they are in attendance)
  • Thursday 9th of August
  • Registration starts at 4pm
  • Tournament starts at 5pm
  • Cost is 1000yen per player (All remaining money will go to the winner)
  • Singles tournament, single, best 2/3 all the way through
  • 64 player cap split into 4 pools, top 2 advance to final 8 (Bracket reset,???
  • All official SBO teams will be seeded by region (Eg: USA x 2, Aus x1, EU x 1 so that will be 12 players) Remaining players will be randomly seeded!
  • Anyone of Japanese ethnic background can enter provided they haven’t lived in Japan for the past 5 years!

Sign ups:

  1. Kechu (AU)
  2. BOC (AU)
  3. Hong (AU)
  4. oriku (AU)
  5. TSC (AU)
  6. Jack (AU)
  7. MN (AU)
  8. Cody (Singapore/AU)
  9. PaulT (Hong Kong/AU)
  10. Shinshoryuman (Hong Kong)
  11. Derek (Hong Kong)
  12. BillyKane (France)
  13. Ryan Hart (UK)
  14. Raju (UK)
  15. Harmonaz (UK)
  16. CIV (UK)
  17. KX (France)
  18. MOD (USA)
  19. Auber1083 (France)
  20. Indy (France)
  21. Shekeib (USA)
  22. Shohaib (USA)
  23. Marko (France)
  24. Nikola (France)
  25. Chunkis (UK)
  26. Xiao Yi (China)
  27. Da Bao (China)
  28. Liu Ming Da (China)
  29. Assist Ryu (South Korea)
  30. Flare (USA)
  31. Mrquotes (USA)
  32. KOFiend (USA)
  33. Nestor (USA)
  34. Gavin Yip (USA)
  35. Emphy (USA)
  36. Mopreme (USA)
  37. Fubarduck (USA)
  38. Sabin (USA)
  39. The Prince (UK)
  40. WaQs (UK)
  41. Rakurai (UK)
  42. CCL (Belgium)
  43. Darkside (Belgium)
  44. IparryU (USA)
  45. Goldorak (France)
  46. Andrew McGuire (USA)
  47. GAB (France)
  48. ADM (France)
  49. Yamsha (France)
  50. L (France)
  51. Zouzou (France)
  52. VHD (Belgium)
  53. Mattamorros (Belgium)
  54. DP Koopa (South Korea)
  55. King (South Korea)
  56. Chung (HK)
  57. pepper224 (Sweden)
  58. Reserved
  59. Reserved
  60. Reserved
  61. Reserved
  62. Reserved
  63. Reserved

I hope to see all the US 3S players in Japan during this period in attendance. Lets see who really is the strongest outside of Japan. For those of you who intend to come please post below so I can add you the pre-sign up list.

Thanks and please come out and support this unique event.


This shit is going to be the hypest of the hype hype fucking hype. Start placing your bets! Someone pay for Amir to get out there!

this is awesome, thanks TSC for bring more hype to the 3s community and specially foreigns that are going to need practice as much as possible

I will try my best to be there.


Edit: fuck that, I’ll be there for sure, even if I have to decline sex. Damn.

You better be there. Represent that Chesapeake.

TSC can you plz sign up me, HarmoNaz and CIV. (all UK)


i’ll be there! :slight_smile:


Add me and my friend Indy to the player list. (from France)


Add me
Shekeib (Afghanistan)

and my brother
Shohaib (Afghanistan)

Please add me and my brother Nikola (France).

Please get footage. Like every match footage. That would be great.

sign me up please

does to make sure no confusion here, is this an open tournament to ALL outside countries? not just sbo teams right?

and is it possible to sign up the day of the tournament?

Thanks in advance! :tup:


Yes, the tournament is open to all outside countries, and it is possible to sign up on the day, but you run the risk of not being guaranteed a spot in the tournament due to the player cap.

Please sign up Team China :slight_smile:

?? - Xiao Yi
?? - Da Bao
??? - Liu Ming Da

Can’t wait to meet everyone this year! :slight_smile:

please register:
Flare(Shaun Flaherty/USA)
Mrquotes(Joshua Sunarso/USA)
Kofriend(Jonathan Seong/USA)
Gavin Yip(USA)
Emphy(Jimmy Tran/USA)
Mopreme(Mark Rogoyski/USA)
Fubarduck(Ryan Harvey/USA)

Please sign me up.
Arturo Sanchez/Sabin USA

This is mad hype. Win one for our area homie

Could you sign me up please.

WaQs (UK) and ThePrince (UK)


Please sign me up and my friend WaQs

The Prince (UK)
WaQs (UK)

This is great news, can’t wait.

Thanks :slight_smile: