TX Canadian Fighting Game Championship Results

He like many others couldn’t stay

His mom wanted his ass to go back home … he even asked a refund LMAO
i saw it all happen when i went out for a smoke he was on his cell talking to his mom and asking someone if he can get his refund :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Damn that sucks. I was looking forward to seeing how he placed.

Friday most definitely didnt run fine. The director basically dropped the ball, and made no attempt to fix the situation. Every time he called for teams he should’ve got people to look for the members. I went out of my way to help even to try and make things run abit better, but was never once asked for help by the director.

Even after the first round was completed, he couldn’t tell me who was on what team, at least the team captain. How are you suppose to track down people when you don’t know who you’re looking for?

The director should’ve noticed the slow pace of the tournament and reacted. But instead he kept at the same slow pace. There were multiple times where the tournament stations were empty. With 32 teams that just shouldn’t happen. When I was calling matches I called two matches at a time, and tell people to line up and play right after the match on that machine was done. This way there would be less down time between matches tracking people down. He had tournament maker running but still didn’t know what matches were going on. He also called some matches even though they were already playing. This happened more than once. All these missteps added to the over slowness of the tournament.

3 Stations for SF4 was kinda tight, but I think it could’ve been done. Veas came to me near the end of the night at around 12, 12:30 tell me he had a PS3 in his car that wasn’t used. You’d think with an equipment shortage someone would ask around much earlier for another system.

This didn’t slow down the tournament, but the director’s team only had 2 players. If you’re missing players on the team, one member doesn’t get to go twice. The fact that he pulled the “i’m the director so I can play twice” is straight up unprofessional, and to add insult to injury that he actually anchored twice (meaning they should’ve lost) and then won that set is despicable.

Saturday was a total write off. if the member was nowhere to be found, the team should’ve been DQ’ed right there. The only legit reason why someone can’t make it to the station right away is if a member is playing a tourny match, or if they told the director ahead of time that they went on a food break for a SET AMOUNT of time. And registration for singles didn’t finish until 6, 6:30 wtf?!? That should’ve started and completed WAAAAAAAAAY before then. Not sure what happened there but when the venue opened at 1, it just doesn’t make sense. Adding to that the 64 player cap at TX is plain ridiculous.

Honestly the SF4 Director was in WAAAAAAAY OVER his head and I dunno if he asked for help or not, cause there was no way any one person could’ve handled it by himself.

montreal is horrible…

I made it a point not to make a post all this time because yes the tournament was badly run. However, Noodleman, you make it out that I am a bad guy and there are quite a few disparities on the situation in your account of the team tournament.

Yes when I called teams initially there were alot of teams not there or missing members. To say that I didnt’ ask for them to look for members is false. The majority of teams that we had to wait for had players playing other matches else where. I can’t speak for which teams those were so they will have to speak up themselves. The teams that DID dissappear for no apparent reason were all disqualified (3 teams in total). All major Toronto and Montreal teams made the proper arrangements when leaving the venue and when they were called while other members of their team were tied up playing other games.

I’m not disagreeing that the team tournament was poorly run. I definitely think it was, I had a lot to learn and a lot to take away. I havent’ been doing this for years on end like some of you guys (Nagata). Also my co-director also dropped out at the last minute (however when i was notified i thought i would be okay, so this is not his fault). However he was there that night and would have saw how things were going and chose not to step up and help even though he is more experienced than i am (not giving names here, so don’t ask).

As for the equipment shortage, this should have been dealt with far before the tournament had even begun, i’m talking weeks before. I can only say that when the tournament was running this wasn’t the first thing on my mind at the time due to being completely swamped as it was.

Also as for the 2 member team (my team). When the final round was played we asked the member of the team playing if it was okay to run a third round and he agreed. However his team mates did not and assumed that I had used my director status to make this happen. This was not the case and the situation was clarified after and that team was given an automatic pass into the 1st round of winners and my team forfeited the match. So Noodle on this situation you are missing most of the story.

Also there was a 64 player cap?? When did this happen? I didnt’ run registration so i can’t answer for this.

As well, before people start making and taking shots at me, I want you guys to understand what i was responsible for and accountable for. My job was to create and run the brackets all other tasks were assigned to various parties not under my control.

In light of my above comment, I do agree that the tournament was run badly and would love to hear any constructive criticism that you guys might have. I’m new to the directing scene and many of you know that I truely have the best of intentions for the Street Fighter community. I have a lot to learn and a lot to experience. When TX was announced by JS and DarkDragon, many people stepped up to the plate for the directors seat for SF4, however every single one of those people dropped out (with the exception of XXL who did offer to help before and after the tournament had started, however I do admit i thought i could handle things myself).

So if anyone else has any questions or concerns please PM me. I do not think that this needs to be discussed further on a public forum when all parties have agreed that the tournament was run badly and that proper steps will be taking/followed up with for the next event. I am always open to suggestions and advice from all individuals and have no problem being accountable for the tasks and responsibilities I am given as a director.


Live and learn. I’m sure this tournament will be a lesson for future organizers that will be running SFIV. It ain’t easy. It’s tasking and can give a lot of headaches. Especially if helpers don’t show.

RXS: Again i give mad respects for you not cracking under the pressure. Criticism can only make us better. So take them as they come in and learn from any mistakes that you think can be improved. I really see you as a great organizer for future tournaments.

SFIV teams was basically the cause of everything being delayed. I’m sorry for people who waited and didn’t enjoy themselves. We will learn from our mistakes (even me) when i look back at what happened this weekend. As a T10 director I should have made sure of a lot of things to make this run faster and looking back on it now, every little bit could have helped. I’m still thinking about it in my mind what could have I done. I’m sure RXS is doing the same but again I will take your comments and learn from them. I’m sure RXS will do the same. I don’t know what else to say after that.

While I know the SFIV thing will overshadow T10 altogether, I would like to hear people who had great matches as well. I’m not saying to stop with T10 comments but I think the players that won deserve props.

BlazBlue Singles Results
1st John/Yucorp
2nd Pui/Zeero
3rd NeoRussell

SCIV Singles Results
1st Oofmatic
2nd NeoRussell
3rd Stryder

SCIV Teams Results
1st Team Force - Oofmatic/BoringRyu
2nd Team Anna - NeoRussell/Lawrence


In general it was avery nice tournament the HUGE problem was SF4…I mean basically the person who was running it knew how much ppl were going to attend and still did not prepare well enough to run the tournament smoothly. Its not like you guys didnt come to MAT we hnad 5 tvs at MAT for 60 ppl and the Teams had 100 and was ran on 4 tvs…I mean its pretty obvious that it was gonna take forever to finish but whatever you guys know what to do next year

Great tourney?I had lots of fun. Especially chilling with mtlsf. I had no problems with things running late since I planned on being there all 3 days. STC , that?s how we roll. Shout outs to come.

There were a lot more games played than just sf4. Where are all the rest of the results?

Anyways, the venue was nice. What kinda bugged me was the fact that 3s CLEARLY had a strong demand and that it was still stuck with the single smallest tv, while other games with like 8 people playing had 2 bigger ones…

Hey Smokey!

I’m coming down to MTL in October, gonna bring a car of people with me, you mentioned you’re running a tourney. PM me the date and i’ll try to arrange for that weekend.

when you are tasked to run the tournament and it turns into a debacle, who’s fault do you think it is? If you think you’re the victim and you’re asking for sympathy, then you have another think coming.

Agreed, you did get people to find members every so often, but when you called out only team names, it’s a problem. Most players don’t even know what their own team name is. Which is why when I helped you track down teams, I asked you who was on the team. Almost everytime I asked you you said “i don’t know”, then after sometime it finally clicks in your head to check the computer for team members. Might’ve been the directing pressure, but honestly little things like that made it feel like you were doing a sloppy job.

Like I said, when you realized you were way over your head, you should’ve asked for help directing. Part of being a director is to get a handle of the situation, and you have to bitch and complain to get things done. I’m not 100% sure what happened on Saturday, but to hear that you were running singles on saturday alone is a pretty clear indication that you did not ask for help.

If you read what I said, i said it might’ve been possible to run the tournament on 3 tv’s if they ran matches non-stop.

as a director, the question to run the third round shouldn’t have even come up. I’m pretty sure I heard from you own mouth that “yea i’m pulling rank on this” or something to that effect, as a joke or not, i’m couldn’t tell at the time. And “forfeit”? Your team should’ve lost period and no forfeiting should’ve been required. The fact that you somehow think this is ok by any standard is quite mind blowing.

full 3s results?

MvC2 was being ran by Jiggabrae (is that how you spell his name?)
3S was ran by YellowS4

Let’s wait for them to release this information.
Maybe bug S4 in IRC if anybody sees him there.

I found 3S results in the Ottawa Thread:

  1. Chi-rithy
  2. Ack
  3. Adam B
  4. Burton
  5. Samir
  6. Myself
  7. JS Master
  8. One and Only


:wow: SAMIR CAME 5TH?! :wow:

:confused: When did Russell level up his 3S game this much? :confused:

This was a mistake on my part, like i said it’s my first time running a team tournament and honestly i really didn’t know what I was doing. Either way the end result for that match was fixed.

And you definitely heard incorrectly or missed a portion of what i said. I would never say something like that EVER. The players and the community mean more to me than anything else when running a tournament.

In any case, i’m not going to discuss this further. All I ask is for the community to keep supporting and for those who are wiser and more experienced to be there as support. I’m not looking for pity, pity is for the weak. I’m just trying to have you guys understand that the bottom line is i’m learning, i’m apologize for fucking up and I will have it sorted for the next tournament. , and life goes on.

if i’m not mistaken, it should read like this

  1. Chi-rithy
  2. Ack
  3. Adam B
  4. Burton
  5. Samir
    5. Myself == aznretro
  6. JS Master
  7. One and Only

I’m not sure about other games, but BB was definitely really fun and successful. Overall even with all the running around, trying to grab people from SF4 and other games to play BB, things ran pretty smoothly for me and I had a lot of fun directing/playing in the tournament.

One of the better T tourneys imo, but maybe thats coz I don’t play SF4 (well, didn’t get far) and don’t know what really went on with that. I had a really great time and I think the T tourney was organized much better than previous years in terms of collecting money&registration making the directors life easier, finding a great venue (asides from food n drinks) and keeping things going.

I don’t want to cut everybody’s flaming about TX, my player shoutouts for BB and GG are posted on dustloop here


Txn again to stephen,russell,js for running this tournament. Had a great time. :tup:

Nagata: LOL no no, i copied and didn’t look. Yeah, it was suppose to be that person. I was shocked too when you said my name. LOL


Except your learning experience was at SOGO, I believe I told you everything you needed to know for how to efficiently run a tournament, and yet TX turned out the same as the first 2 hours of SOGO did. You pulled the “I’m still learning” card during SOGO where you openly accepted help when things were out of control. At TX, I dunno what kind of ego trip you were running, but you seriously thought that you could do it all by yourself. You even posted that you thought you could do it yourself.

I don’t understand how the best choice you made at SOGO became the biggest mistake made at TX. Maybe you thought YOU were the reason SOGO ran smoothly.

*Hint: SOGO had roughly 5-6 directors once you realized it was too much for you to handle by yourself. And everything after the first 2 hours of SOGO ran perfectly.