TX: DFW Animation Town Tournaments - May 14th - RESULTS

(EDIT/UPDATED: I also added the AT Team Tournament-Warmup!)

AT 3s 2v2 Team Tournament: (10 2-man Teams; I made up the names… :encore: )

1st - Mike Lai/Jaime - (“Team YEN-KUN”)
2nd - Roger Ho/Campbell Tran - (“Team BUCK ROGERS”)
3rd - Tony Huynh/Logan Sharp - (“Team LOGAN THE GOOK”)
4th - James/Adam Deats - (“Team ADAM-KUN”)

5T. - Steven LaFlamme/JW McNay - (“Team FLAMES OF DAN”)
5T. - Jermaine Linguist/Lee - ** (“Team CHIEF LEE”) **

7T. - DeJuan Stephens/Thai Nguyen - (“Team 50 KINGS”)
7T. - Raymond Stephens/Coly Hite - (“Team EMERICA-C.H.”)

9T. - Son Nguyen/Josh Rogers - (“Team BIG PERVERTS”)
9T. - Mike Vo/John Irving - (“Team P-MARU”)

3s: (27 participants)

1st - Mike Lai
2nd - Jaime - "Jaime"
3rd - Lee Cephas
4th - James - "Ponta-Kun"
5T. - Binh Nguyen - "Binh972"
5T. - Mike Jones
7T. - Campbell Tran - "Buktooth"
7T. - Tony Huynh - "ddr_gakusei"
9T. - Toan Nguyen - "totaltoanage"
9T. - Thai Nguyen - "KINGDOM"
9T. - J.W. McNay - "TeamDan"
9T. - Lay Chang - "Sugar Land"
13T. - Jermaine Linguist - "The Chief"
13T. - Ciawash Jawshan - "Bonus-Kun"
13T. - Don - "DarkChylde"
13T. - Vinh - "DutchForce"
17T. - DeJuan Stephens - "50-fiftytrap"
17T. - Logan Sharp - "amodf"
17T. - Adam Deats - "Kamui"
17T. - Arthur - "Retekin"
17T. - Ashley Hernandez - "sonic boom"
17T. - Son Nguyen - bigstuff17"
17T. - Phong Nguyen - "Dreaded Fist"
17T. - Mike Vo - "Badtzmaru"
17T. - Josh Rogers - "Pervert_Q"
25T. - Coly Hite
25T. - Raymond Stephens - “EmericaRR”

#r: (24 participants) PARTIALLY CORRECTED

(1st-5th is corrected; 7th-9th is fuzzy - i need to make sure who beat whom to verify; please let me know what happened for certain!)

1st - Kevin - "Kensou"
2nd - Jan
3rd - Campbell Tran - "Buktooth"
4th - Don - "DarkChylde"
5T. - Kerry
5T. - Terrell - "Titan44"
7T. - Tony Huynh - "ddr_gakusei"
7T. - Adam Deats - "Kamui"
9T. - J.W. McNay - "TeamDan"
9T. - Binh Nguyen - "Binh972"
9T. - Dustin
9T. - Logan Sharp - "amodf"
13T. - Chad - "IPS"
13T. - Stephen LaFlamme - "Flames of Justice"
13T. - Jacob
13T. - Josh - "shenakuma"
17T. - Arthur - "Retekin"
17T. - Mike Vo - "Badtzmaru"
17T. - Marcus
17T. - Bryce - "Kouga"
17T. - ??? - "Poon"
17T. - Vinh - "DutchForce"
17T. - Jermaine Linguist - "The Chief"
25th - David - “Fasty McNasty”

CvS2: (13 participants)

1st - Campbell Tran - "Buktooth"
2nd - Ashley Hernandez - "sonic boom"
3rd - Rudy - "Solo"
4th - Gene
5T. - Lay Chang - "Sugar Land"
5T. - Logan Sharp - "amodf"
7T. - Mike Lai
7T. - Roger Ho - "demenion"
9T. - Daniel Gonzales - "Codiac"
9T. - Adam Deats - "Kamui"
9T. - Jan
9T. - Tony Huynh - "ddr_gakusei"
13T. - Tyran Phinisee - "Manx"
13T. - Mike Vo - “Badtzmaru”

MvC2: (13 participants)

1st - Toan Nguyen - "totaltoanage"
2nd - Gene
3rd - Daniel Gonzales - "Codiac"
4th - Chris
5T. - Gustavo
5T. - John Irving - "PMD"
7T. - Rudy - "Solo"
7T. - Kevin - "Kensou"
9T. - Tony Huynh - "ddr_gakusei"
9T. - Jermaine Linguist - "The Chief"
9T. - Linh Nguyen - "Hustlinh"
9T. - Jonathan Rafferty - "Tron Jon"
13th - Ashley Hernandez - “sonic boom”


GG’s to those who participated; thanks for Austin and Houston coming full-force.

  • Thanks for coming, Austin #r players; the sad part about the brackets is that I didn’t directly create it…so the ones who did ran by seeding too. And…ya’ll need to speak your voice! We didn’t know any of you! :sweat:
  • The fact that ya’ll don’t really post often, and the fact that you don’t hang with the Austin 3s crew hurts ya’lls’ cred’ here, hence why we had difficulty seeding ya’ll too… :confused:
  • shenakuma, it was a great pleasure to meet you…and PWNING your sorry Zappa! BTW, I SUCK at #r! :encore:
  • Thanks goes out to the Austin 3s crew for coming; GG’s across the board!
  • Lee, your gameplay is really smart; great Dudley, BTW! :tup:
  • Jaime, glad to have met you; your Ken is really clean! great parry setups, and just great intuition - you just plain out-played me yesterday!
  • James, it was great to formally meet you, and it was really refreshing seeing your Pink Sean rape. :clap:
  • Mike Lai, I didn’t have the fortune to talk to you, but you really showed some great Yun tricks. I know our Yun players will x-copy lots of your ish. :badboy:
  • Thanks to Lay and Co.; again, I can’t thank you enough for coming…the DVD’s are top-tier, BTW…LOTS better than the production of TS4! :cool:

  • Kevin, it was great playing you in some random ST; I didn’t know you played MvC2 or ST at all! :china:

  • Last, but not least, is the DFW SF Community; thanks again for showing up…good times.


  • Tony H. will take care of the executive side of things, while I support him in a more subtle role. The DFW League should be implemented by that time. ** :pleased:

Something seems a little screwy about those #R results, but I’ll take 3rd if you say so :confused:. Send me a check in the mail, homie :rofl:.

I’m pretty sure Kensou got 1st

DUDE, we had received **NO REPORTS FROM ANYONE ** on who got places 1-5; at least I didn’t. :confused:

IF you remember who you beat and whatnot, Let me know.
BTW, WHICH dude were you (real name)?

I want to correct it if there’s any errors.

THING IS, you Austin #r kats DID NOT COMPLAIN about the bracketing until it was 1/2-way done. :tdown:
Even though I wasn’t aware of it, you should’ve let me know! :sad:

i corrected Kevin being 1st; i don’t know what’s up with the rest of the top 5, though. :confused:

This is Terrell. I beat Chad and Dustin, lost to Buktooth, won my next match (vs. a Pot player), and lost to Kensou towards the end of losers bracket.

I’m pretty sure Jan took 2nd, btw. I dunno who placed higher between me and Buktooth.

As for the brackets, we complained just about every time we were paired up against each other. It just wasn’t nearly as serious until it happened to me 3 TIMES IN A ROW. If I didn’t complain to you, it’s because I had already complained to someone else. But whatever - there’s no point in crying over spilt milk, right?

Just seed by region next time. I’m sure it’d be a lot less confusing and problematic overall :tup:

damn lazy #R players not reporting

I met some new people, and had a lot of fun Good games to everyone I played, and hopefully I can come out to another one. :bgrin:


actually, that comes with inherent problems, too. to do it right, an organizer MUST seed the top players in advance, THEN consider location/region as the 2nd factor. I always do.

The problem was that THERE WERE MANY OF YOU that came from Austin; there was going to be overlap no matter what.
The PROBLEM was when I saw the the first bracket placements (i.e., DFW vs DFW, Austin vs Austin, etc)…by then, it was too far into it, and I couldn’t rectify the situation. :confused:
Sadly, I wished I was more directly involved in the #r bracketing, but nobody knew of you guys (even the 3s Austin player… :confused: ), and seeding by region would’ve been hard, given that lots of OUR players would ALSO play against each other in the first round. It wasn’t just you guys, trust me. :pleased:

**We’re holding another monthly next month, and 2d Tony Huynh will be in charge! ** :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I hope I get another opportunity to play your Dudley! I got caught off-guard. :sweat:

SFC owns 3s - top 5 all sfc? like what?

gj guys

tis’ a shame you couldn’t go, alex. :pleased:
would’ve been great to meet ya and play 3s or whatever.

2d Tony is heading up the next one. ** BE THERE!** :clap:

goood shit kev good shit JAN!!!

very nice kensou… although I EXPECTED you to easily take mvc2 as well… but good shit :pleased:

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

good one joe…

not like it matters, but i got 3rd in #r

whoever kensou beat to play me (which im guessing is terrell) got 4th

Does this mean that the DVD is ready to be sold?!?! If so when? and how to order online :party:

YEAH! WE BOUGHT! SOME! :clap: :clap: :clap:

well, i don’t know about online…you’d have to check with Suger Land… :confused: :confused: :confused:

done and done.

I ALSO UPDATED by ADDING the casual AT 3s 2v2 Team Tournament!
Take a Look! :clap:

Hilarious Team Names

“The Flames of Dan”

  • Too Good

Tourney was fun, I have no complaints about the bracketing for 3s, only complaint i have was the 12inch TV i had to play on sometimes!! But other than that it was cool. Thx Logan for housing us in your theater room that is bigger than Mike’s apt. Thx lay for making me spend more money than I should have on food on Sun. by winning the coin toss. But it was a really fun tourney. I’ll post more in a bit. This is Jaime btw :confused:

i just added their SRK sn’s together… you’d be surprised at the imagination! :encore:

who’s starboy’s account, then??? :confused: :confused: :confused:

…and sorry about stupid t.v.! Blame Dreaded Fist for that! :pleased: