Tx regionals rough overview

1st hitler



1st : David (AsianHitler)
2nd : Ryan (Fubarduck)
3rd : Tony (DDRGook)
4th : Kevin (Kensou)
5th : Hsien (wierdo)
5th : Creecy (MagnetoX)

So I guess that means Hitler is goin to evo! Cheater :smiley: !


Tomorrow, along with GGXX.

Oh yeah, top 4 in 3s was:

1st. Hsien
2nd. Crow
3rd. David Hem
4th. Tuan
5th. Mopreme

I may have 4 and 5 mixed up, but I’m pretty sure that’s right.

Anyone willing to pick me up a breakfast plate from Dots. French Toast and links should suffice. You get it for me this time and I’ll pay for you next time! Thanks:)

its phil from killeen…dats who it is…

so… wtf… I thought this tourney was gonna be next week… you guys changed the date or wtf? =\ Maybe I misread.

Crap, I wanted to go for marvel… oh well.


1 Gayvid

2 Fubar

  1. Tony

4 Kevin

I think these are the standings. Ryan and Fubar are two different people, right?! Ok, 1st and 4th are correct. 2nd and 3rd I’m not sure about. But, are we ever sure of anything? Uhh my dick. Uhh yeah, that’s great!:confused:

MvC2: 28 people

1st. Vinnyman
2nd. power-dn
3rd. David Hem
4th. Ivan Rivas
5th. Magneto-X
5th. John Pertgen

Man Fubarduck is so good, he gets 2nd AND 3rd!

darrel : ryan IS fubarduck

1st : David (AsianHitler)
2nd : Ryan (Fubarduck)
3rd : Tony (DDRGook)
4th : Kevin (Kensou)
5th : Hsien (wierdo) :smiley:
5th : Creecy (MagnetoX)

i tied for 5th with chris… stupid rogue… got me only this far…!! dammit should of played TRIPLE C would of worked much better… haha

lol whoa did u know i played u at the tourney? i had no idea u were the guy i made the av for. i had the red visor on and i beasted ur rogue team then died horribly to triple C:lol:

damn i had no idea that would be u:D

actually it was 28…

i could’ve swore i heard you screaming at the top of ur lung yesterday when i was playing daniel…:lol:

chris u let me donw mayn now i will never be able to take u seriously again =’(
j/k props on the ggxx, but mvc2…:bluu:

haha, probably :slight_smile:

Cable, cyke, commando. Good to see nWe members doing what they do best!!!

fkn david made me all nervous yesterday…sux ass having to play him twice…:bluu:

fkn vinny. I had u on the 2nd game. But I suck too much in mvc2 now. :frowning:

Mvc1 money games ownz. Spidey ownz all!

The Chief had a sick I-no.

Mopreme is a cool guy always willing to help. I get lucky winz on him in tournys, tho I can never beat him on casual play lol. I must go to austin to train with him.

Counter characters ownz Tony and Ryan. :smiley: Ryan should learn another character just to avoid zappa’s counter character.

thx to everyone that came down! tho a small tourny. It went by smoothly. Lets make sure to have a team tourny next time!

Great tournament everyone, I had alot of fun again, my head was spinning Sunday but I still managed to have good matches against Daniel, Hitler makes me do weird things when I play against him, what a cheater!!!

GFGS, that second match should’ve been urs, but i guess the power of TEAM FIESTA is too strong…Hail to the new lucky charm, PEPE the parrot…:lol: but i will be ready next time we meet…:evil: looks around and sees luis standing outside with a bag of oranges

good seeing all you guys again,

Larry: you ch0d3, you didn’t tell me u were moving to Taiwan, good luck on you next chapter in life and hopefully you can come back to visit us assholes back at H-town…j/k. take it easy man and good luck

and everyone else, ggs, until next time…