TX4 thank you thread

please do ur “thanking” in this shit so i dont see spamming from houston whores!!

damn it all!! i suck at marvel … thanks to all who came cuz it was fun

MAJOR PROPS TO THAT SPIDERman player!!! he f0ckin ***ed up on rICKY!!! that was the shit!! let me watch it again and again!!!

haha, did anyone record that? I didn’t get to see all of it because I was playing at the time. I hope it’s on the DVD.

unfortunately we did not get that match on tape, therefore it won’t be on the dvd unless someone else filmed it

well you gots to thanx for phelps for that or mr. phelps he is from corpus all i gotta say great job dude and jummpeee damn your rogue doubt u know me but ill beat u sum day ill get better at it cause man i got owned :frowning: but gg’s to all and expect me to show for TS5:D

When will the TS4 DVD be ready. I want to buy it

Can’t wait for the DVD.

I wish I could have been there, but my car sucks shit.

Hope to see most of you on South Padre Island this week or weekend. No SF machines, but a lot of college chicks.

patricks rogue > john p rogue

kensou is the truth and thats it

Yeah ggs jumpee, i was the first guy you played for the tourney incase u dont know =. Strider/doom/serv will get better hopefully lol. Well gg’s to all and if i go to regionals hope to see u then!!

That dude that play’s Rogue got lucky i was winning so bad. But I’m the master at fucking up. Oh’ Well
Till Next Time:evil:

Spider Man was too Good!!:confused:

i’d like to thank all of you guys that made TS4 possible. again, we were able to pull off another very good tournament without any major problems.

everyone owes special thanks and appreciation to javi, ranma, turtler, john s., and lay and his camera guys.(also anyone else i may be forgetting) these guys put alot of time and effort into TS4, and it would not have been possible without them. keep in mind that these guys rarely get to enjoy the tournament experience because they’re working so hard to make sure everyone else enjoys it. that’s dedication and selflessness… and they did it for the SF community. so give them your love and props guys.

more thanks go to harvey, jeremy, freddie, ashley, powerdn, gus, and those others who helped out in various ways.

it was alot of work and i’m sure we were all going pretty crazy at one time or another. we’re all going to be pretty worn out for the next week or so i bet. as always, there are things that don’t work out the way we would like for them to in each big tournament, and TS4 was no exception. everything wasn’t perfect but we just try do our best and we go from there. we live and learn. as far as i’m concerned though… TS4 was a great success.

javi and ranma… you guys know that you have all of my appreciation and gratitude. we all work together to promote and provide for our SF community. i work to provide the best possible arena, and you guys work to utilize it to it’s fullest potential. we’re a team and the SG wouldn’t be what it is without the two of you. never forget that.

i want to give a very, very special thank you to John Sanchez. john has been invaluable to me over this past week, and he’s been doing all of the dirty work. he’s helped move almost all of the cabinets, he’s helped clean and organize, and he helped run the tournaments. major props to big john.

javi, ranma, turtler, and john… we’ll be going out for a badass dinner one of these nights, my treat.
maybe we’ll take kensou along since he won GGXX… (and we’ll use his money) :wink:

others will be more than welcome to join us.

well, that’s about it from me. i hope everyone enjoyed TS4.


Thanks to all the people who helped out at TS4. You guys ran a smooth and badass tourny. I am so showing up for TS5.

Nothing will top the GGXX finals. Kensou owns. Good job representing Texas. Im getting the DVD just for GGXX alot of badass shit going on up in there.

And as for the the Spiderman thing. The would be Phelps for CC. Hopefully someone recorded that cause I missed half of it. I was at Lollicup when I started hearing mad screaming so i ran to see what was going on but I had missed a good chunk already.

lol, i know what you guys are talking about now, my friend recorded that match, it owns all for free!! btw, i can put it on here, but i doubt i will, since two of my names have been banned already… har har har…i win!!

I had a hell of a time. Thanks to all the Stargate crew for hosting such a show!

All the Houston players were hella cool and everybody I met. Kevin and Jan, you guys are THE warriors! Haha, and thanks for the props on my art. I do what I can.

Freddy, again, I can’t thank you enough for the floor to crash on. I had a great time and the only thing that bothered me was Gonzo’s feet! ahahha

And I’m glad everybody enjoyed Phelps’ SpiderMan! I went nuts! He’s hot.

Cmutt, thanks again for a place to hold these things, YOu all do an outstanding job!

Take it lite, H-town. Hope to come back soon.


Will the DvD be ready by Friday or Saturday?
Does anyone know?


The dvd will be on sale tuesday at the stargate, you guys ready?


Next Tuesday!!


put me down for 1.


can someone go rip me one i don’t want to buy one. j/k

Alright, guess its my turn to spam this thread.

Shout outs to my artists Kensou(Poster), Vanessa, Walter and Freddy(Tags), and Dez(T-shirts)

Major props to Turtler, Javi, John Sanchez, Daniel, Kensou, Vinny, Tuan, Harvey, Jake, Freddy, and everybody else that helped me run the tournaments and team tournaments.

Thanks to all the out of towners for taking our money, you bitches! Cali crew - Duece, Justus, Potter, Rosas, Ed Ma, Osvaldo, Cole, and Kenny. East Coast - Justin, Eddie, and Robin. Nebraska - Simon, Jamarr, Cameron. Vegas - Ruin, Xeno, Russell. Florida - Alex x2(Navarro and Walbert) Bama - Raekwon, Rosh, Eric. N.O. and others - Creecy, Patrick, Duane, Rashaan, et co.

Glad to see Texas reppin hardcore this time around, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, San Antonio, Wichita Falls, Corpus, Harligen crews.

Big Thanks to Chris Wong for having the best arcade in the US.

We had about 200 or so people attending the tournament this year. Once again, thanks for everybody attending and making Tx Showdown 4 the largest Street Fighter event ever held in Texas! Keep a look out for news about next year’s event, we’re gonna try to make it bigger and better!

Chris Chou

Yeah, I’d like to thank who ever took that picture of me getting owned by both ruin and my own tongue. Thanks guys!:bluu: