Tycoon Offers $65M to Man Who Woos Gay Daughter



A Hong Kong Tycoon is offering $65 Million to any man that will woo his gay daughter.

He says,

*“I don’t mind whether he is rich or poor. The important thing is that he is generous and kind-hearted,” Chao told the South China Morning Post while dismissing reports of his daughter’s same-sex marriage as being “false.” *


I’M in there :cool:


Sounds like the premise for a hentai game.


Pics of daughter required


‘That he is generous and kind-hearted’. In other words he want that $65mil back.


lol that is so bad

he should send her to those christian gay camps where they pray the gay away

costs less than 65 million

if it was me though, i’d tell the daughter (whose already rich anyway) that i’d donate 64 million to charity if i can keep 1 million for myself as long as she agrees to sham marriage. she can stay with her partner, have money donated to a charity, while i become RIIIIIIIICH.



If i wasn’t married i would probably woo her then skeet all over her tittays free of charge…


Not bad for an asian girl, she’s not a total twig at least. I wonder how many more generations it’ll take before there’s no one left thinking that people CHOOSE to be gay?


That bitch looks ugly as FUCK!
You Yellow fever niggas will find ANY Asian chick attractive nowadays. :-/

(^^^Factual outcome from this post, some random ass nigga is gonna make some smart ass witty lucky punk bitch comment that took him about an half an hour to come up with and of course that shit will get a fuck load of likes from his like minded butthurt horse pickets, calling it first and now.)


dont get it twisted bruv, I just want dat money :coffee:


Well the basedgod has spoken, so none of us stand a chance.


The most damning thing is that even if it was a choice – and it very likely isn’t – it STILL wouldn’t be wrong or immoral or whatever nonsense backwards-ass human beings spew.


Shhhhhhieeeeeettttt! From the pic alone, I would give her a low 7. 65 million dollars? She’s the Asian Oprah!!!


umad ubad

took me 1 second to come up with


@CUTWEST !! Let’s see some pics of ya girl. :tup:


I really can’t think of anyone I wouldn’t marry for 65 million dollars.

Actually, I have a hard time thinking of anything I wouldn’t do for 65 million dollars.

well besides investing in the US lolol


we already had this thread

apparently one poster on srk would be willing to swim in a pool of jizz for a couple million


Good to know Ryan Gosling has a retirement plan in Hong Kong.


Money is money nigga. I do it…


Hmm. My plan will be to woo her and then let once the marriage goes through, collect monies, then GF will use her as a mistress. she will be her’s to play with. Everybody wins!