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Just to keep from clogging up the forums with little posts on whatever’s on my mind, I’ve decided to edit this one and just throw out little bits and questions that I’d like an answer to, or some advice.

So, welcome! And thanks to everyone who replies!

This is one of those sort of questions that no one can answer but you.

just play and you’ll find your answer

The answer lies in the heart of battle!

you should stick with him.

I’m not of the “gotta have a main” mentality. Nothing wrong with rotating a couple characters. That said, if you’re not enjoying Sagat, I’d switch it up. I did the same not that long ago. It’s hard to excel when you don’t enjoy it imo.

Sound like you’ve just hit a plateau.

Perfect time to either chose a new character who is very different, or play a different game. Personally, when I hit a plateau I change games, even genres. When I do come back the game almost feels new, but the difference is I still have my muscle memory so I can still play.

Thanks for the advice everyone, I greatly appreciate it. There’s another matter I’d like to ask about that’s come up recently.

I’ve been having a difficult time trying to find an alt/back-up character, just someone to play around with, get decent and be able to have fun with said character. Since my character of choice is Sagat, trying to pick up a rush-down or highly aggressive fighter really messes me up. And trying to apply defensive play-style to like Ken, Cammy, or Makoto just ends badly.

I’d just like to hear what the SRK community would recommend another relatively simple, fun character to pick up and dick around with, to help break up the monotony of straight defensive play.

Start doing rushdown with Sagat instead? Picking your spots and going offensive with Sagat is not a bad idea. Besides that you could try Oni. He’s a footsie/keep em out character with decent rushdown as well.

No offense but you never really surpass your plateau doing that. Just come back rusty and train back to where you were before.

This is fine for casual play, but you can only get so far with this sort of mindset.

Two words - Michael Jordan

Whenever I hit a plateau it’s usually because I’ve just spent too much time with the game that I just feel exhausted. It’s like Jordan when he retired then he came back even better :tup:

Also not playing the same people over and over again helps

I’ve been looking into picking an alt character to use alogn side Adon, and I still can’t really decide. I can play Akuma kinda sorta, but his fragile health really doesn’t mesh with my play style, nor am I too good at setting up untechable knockdowns and cross-ups. And I don’t much like Gouken; He’s cool but he also doesn’t fit well with my more defensive and observe-atory play style.

I then came to the oldest choice in the SF book: Ryu or Ken? I know Ken got a number of helpful buffs in AE, and Ryu apparently got one or two little debuffs, and a couple changes to his game, but because my starter was Sagat, the Tatsu Playstyle is almost completely foreign to me.

So should I go with Ken, who’s considered to be better than Ryu last time I checked, or go with the mainstay of the series? I would rather avoid Yun and Yang, at least until the rage for them has died down a little bit. I have nothing against the two, but they’re the target of so much disgust and hate that I’d like to avoid them for now.

(And sorry for making this question as a new thread, Starcade. Bad habit I’ll work on)

if you are going to turtle pick Guile

rolls eyes Ha ha.

Should really just pick a character you want to play. Not a character that you think is better and will get you the most wins and such. Just my shitty 2 cents

Just a quick question that I don’t think warrants a whole new thread. Any tips/tactics that you guys could offer to deal with high pressure players? Like the twins; Whenever I fight 'em, they constantly have me in block stun and I have a really hard time mounting a counter-attack without the risk of eating a reversal.

First re Ken… He is more of a rushdown character, though he can zone adequately as well. His walkspeed is also pretty crappy, though not as bad as Sagat’s. To put it simply, he’s good at moving forward (kara focus dashes ftw), but not so much in the other direction. :slight_smile:

Anyway, for the twins, part of what makes Yun so good is that there is no good way to deal with his pressure without taking a risk. Read your opponent and gamble. :slight_smile: Once you get him off you, you need to hold your ground and not get pushed into the corner (easier said than done); don’t throw out preditable pokes or fireballs, always try to antiair (It’s hard, but even a trade is better than blocking, most of the time) and don’t jump in (unless they clearly can’t antiair you, then go ahead and jump).

The flipside is that Yun is pretty weak against good pressure too. Sure he has a great reversal, but it’s extremely risky since he can’t FADC it. Learn a safejump against Yun (You’ll need a specific setup, since I think he gets up from the ground faster than most characters), don’t cross him up (he can reversal upkicks most of the time and fly across the screen) and just mix him up if he blocks your safejump. Of course, always safejumping isn’t the best idea either; sometimes you could just throw a meaty fireball for some chip and assume a comfortable position on screen.

This advice is a bit Yun-specific, but generally all rushdown characters have the same sort of weakness… Good offense, below average defense.

A good way to improve your game play is to try any style, pretend your a gamer and that a character is just a piece of art work, that the gamer has all the knowledge and is capable of using any tool, any move, any tactic.

You know that feeling when you play against a Dhalism player and you just want to rush across the screen and beat the living shlt out of him. You should have that feeling even when using Dhalism, when you want to shred the other person of course you want a faster character.

Don’t just look at the main points but the attributes and unfortunately in this game you have to look at options as well. I’d say E. Ryu is the most balanced but you better know how to defend, Cammy most priority and speed but you better know how to space, Rose the best turtle but you better know how to tech grabs. As for Akuma his forward standing double heavy kick and air projectiles when used correctly can be very safe.

Yun doesn’t have a cross over and that’s pretty much one of the worst possible things you can do to a character.in the Street Fighter series. Also Yun shouldn’t be hard to beat or at least not compared to other characters with much safer charge or multiple press moves.

Still, Sagat is slow, and not just regular slow but stupid slow. His forward heavy punch overhead is really good along with his forward kicks make him a bit faster but often I find myself dashing which is acceptable but you have another thing to anticipate if necessary, keep in mind Sagat can cross over with light kick and use something such as crouching medium kick into projectile.

It’s easier to beat a turtle Dahlism then a person good enough to use him offensively. Basically your overall performance must become better. Either way just bored and I like typing, it’s easy to say something isn’t worth it it’s up to you to stick with Sagat or not.

Yeah, my intro post is a little dated ^^; I’ve actually made the switch to Balrog and I’m enjoying him more than Sagat. I try to pick characters I either have fun with, or I feel comfortable playing (like their combos/setups come easier to me and don’t require AS much practice as others) And with EVO so close I’m just hoping that this 10-week stint of practicing and finding a character I like is going to at least win me one match.

I know now that you can’t rush Dhalsim and expect to win; He’s a keep-away character. I know I have to be more patient and careful with the Yoga man.

I also understand even with that solid block of playing, I still have a ways to go before I consider myself a ‘great’ SF player. I wanted to go to EVO for the experience of playing the world’s biggest tournament. And I’m undoubtedly going to have fun. I just don’t want to let down the other players at the local fight scene here that I’ve become a part of, y’know?