Tye@l's Tidy Tidbits

Still can’t get over all the awesome stuff that went down at EVO this year. SF x T was fun and UMvC I’m probably gonna get and try to wade back into.

So, much like everyone on SRK (I’m sure) bought 3SO. Since I had only briefly played on the Anthology disc for the PS2, I thought I’d jump in and try to learn this online version, with some training modes and online play.

6 Hours Later

Aaaaaand… I’m tired of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I can totally see how the more hardcore SF players would really enjoy playing it. It’s much faster than SF4, and the Parry system allows for untold amounts of aggression and bullying which is pretty fun. And everyone gets an overhead, which is unbelievably awesome. Now, I only got into SF serious with SSF4, so that’s what I’m used to. I wasn’t prepared for how much more strict these inputs are, especially for one of the two characters I picked (Urien. Other is Q). Urien’s inputs for his Tackle combo are INSANELY strict, as are his super art cancels. Same for Q, and anyone else. That turned me off big time, cause I’m just spamming the motion like crazy, and much of the time I miss the narrow window and do a normal move instead of something else.

Another thing I came to realize? I don’t like combos. I honestly don’t know why, but for 3SO, and SSF4, I prefer just using normals or Guile level combos (Nothing really over 4-5 hits for his basic stuff). That’s why I rock Balrog, Fei-Long and Makoto; They all have fantastic normals and solid combos. But is that going to hinder me in the long run? If I prefer to use the spacing of my normals to do damage and use A-to-A and AA, instead of trying to set up for combos?

So far, I’m off and on with 3SO. I get my ass kicked hard, a lot online, which sucks but I don’t let it bother me too much since I don’t have 10+ years of experience with this game. I’m just having a really hard time settling in, and I don’t want to run with Chun-Li or Ken right off the bat; That’s a little TOO easy in my mind. Urien and Q are also fun to play; Urien has great normals and dangerous trap (if I can ever progress that far) And Q has just a savage, brutal fighting style, even though he’s about as fast as a migrating iceberg.

That’s all for now as far as mind dumps go. Tune in next time I have a brain wave!

starting 3s and picking urien is like starting in sf4 and picking viper. although just good usage of basic shit will get you further with urien than it will with viper.