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Novice LED Pushbutton question.

Are these buttons simple plug and play and they light up or is there additional wiring that has to be done to make them light up. Another question these are going into my PDP stick for PS3 so 12V or 5V and what’s the difference or advantage of each. They will have cherry switches. Thanks in advance and here is the pushbutton in question:


Additional wiring. And yes. We are the experts. I haven’t done an LED mod personally, but most people from what I’ve seen use 5V.

Also, welcome to the forums. I’m sure someone will come along and help. :smiley:

If it is going into a stick it would be 5v… I dont believe there is a usb that will handle 12v and I think that would be more for a pinball or arcade cab…
the link you posted is showing page not available… I am thinking you are talking about the LED IL pushbuttons they sell… looks like its pretty much plug and play… with a little soldering the LED’s to the ground and power on the LED to have the light up on press function you seek…

We are the experts :slight_smile:
With that said, your cut and paste of the URL failed. So, I have to kind of guess at some things. You said PDP stick for PS3; I’m assuming you mean the Mortal Kombat stick.
If you’re starting with that and want them lit, the buttons from paradise you would want are these:
And you’d need to get one of these for each one you want lit.

There are other lamp lit pushbuttons, where you likely saw the 12v. You do NOT want these for an arcade stick. The PS3 only provides +5v of power, and converting it up to 12 to power lamps is a very bad idea. Those 12v lamps are for arcade cabinets with the serious power supplies, NOT for arcade sticks.

Now, wiring it up, whole 'nother ball of wax. I can’t help there because I have no information on the electronics inside the PS3 MK stick. Find me information on it, such as whether its common ground, and I can tell you more from there.

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Toodles no those aren’t it sorry for the bad link. They are transluscent but come all together that’s why I think they could possibly be plug and play no additional wiring, but don’t want to order and find out I am wrong because I am no electrician.

Ok hope this link works:


I checked and the link worked. Let me know if these are plug and play instead of soldering. Thanks.

You guys are already a big help I know now 5V is the only way to go.

Yes they will be going in the PDP MK Tournament edition stick but want the buttons lit like traditional MK3 layout. 2 red, white, 2 blue, yellow

Well, there are two additional tabs for the lamp, and there is a 5v option when ordering. Wire the tabs to power and ground and they’ll be always lit when the stick is plugged in. You will have to crimp the QDs to the wires, prefferably in a daisy chain, and likely solder the ends of those chains to the pcb in the stick.
There’s a wire harness they make:
If you use that, AND THE MK STICK IS COMMON GROUND, then the buttons will be light on press. You’ll still have to crimp QDs for the power and probably solder the end of your power daisy chain to the pcb, but there’s no way around that. If the MK stick is not common ground, then you can’t do that, but I have no information one way or the other on that.

It was posted before that the PDP is a common ground pcb… it should work… I hear the paradise arcade guys respond to e-mails pretty quick… this is a good question to ask since they have acouple of led’s out at the moment… the pushbutton in his vid you linked is a 12v tho.