Type of laminate on the Mad Catz Tournament Edition

Sorry if this is already known(I couldn’t find any thing). I’m trying to find out the exact type of laminate that is used on the R1 and R2 Mad Catz tournament edition sticks. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The type of print work done is mass produced plastic printing. I think the minimum order to get that same type of print work done is 1,000 pieces. You can try and ask Markman what company that they went with for getting those printed, but I guarantee they will want you to put in an order for a high amount for the setup involved.

This might not be right, but I’ve seen the same done with gravure printing. It’s where the image is engraved into a solid metal cyllinder and printed with a 4 color CMYK proccess. Cost $1000 per cyllinder, $4000 for 4 color CMYK job. Usually done for packaging, candy wrappers, anything mass produced.

Not something you can take to kinkos to be done…

Ok check this out. I got a new graphic I made for my TE stick and its applied. Its basically a huge shiny sticker with holes. I got it made at a local print shop and its very good looking but it seems very susceptible to wear and tear.

I read this stuff called Future is a good acrylic lacquer that may help preserve it but I haven’t tried it myself or you could use an acrylic varnish to seal it. Once again I have never tried it.

There are spray on clear coat stuffs as well…

Idk what to use… you try it first :stuck_out_tongue:

Try adding a layer of acrylic plexy glass over your art. Art’s hobbies or Lizard Lick Is your best choice if you are in the US.

Thanks a lot for the information guys. This is really helpful.

Yeah I recommend going with Art’s Hobbies plexi and art printing, they do a fantastic job.


My pride and joy :smokin:

Hey I like that. Screw the acrylic spray or paint crap!!!

Thanx pplz!