Type of paint to use for a shaft cover?


I’d like to know if I can paint the shaft cover for my LS-40 to a shiny black, similar to the plastic one the JLF has. However, I’m not sure what type of paint I would need for this or if it’ll even stay on and not rub off after play.

Any ideas?


Why would you want to paint the shaft black when there are black plastic shafts available that fit this stick? I suppose you could paint that with shiny/gloss black paint (formulated for spraying on plastic) if you didn’t like the natural finish on the cover, too.

The shaft covers are not that expensive and it’s less of a pain to order and install one of those yourself instead of disassembling the stick and painting the shaft. Both Lizard Lick and Akihabarashop stock these Seimitsu shaft covers.

Yeah, you can paint the shaft with spray paint made for metal like Rustoleum or Krylon but it will get worn off at the points where the plastic pivot meets the metal shaft or on the metal rim of the hole in the faceplate that the shaft extends through. Regular use will wear the paint off a metal part. I think the metal shaft would have to be anodized to prevent paint chipping and even that probably wouldn’t prevent some scratching. Again, wherever the stick comes into contact with another surface, the cover/paint will get scratched. There’s nothing anybody can do about that as far as I know.

LS-40’s use can use the same shaft cover that fits at least half of the Seimitsu joysticks with the major exception of the LS-32 which Seimitsu obviously thinks doesn’t need a shaft cover…




I have a black shaft cover on my LS-40 already. What I basically want is a shiny finish, similar to what the JLF has. I just wasn’t sure if there was a specific type of paint that had to be used for this.


I was under the impression that most people were dying their shaft covers to change the color.


i would try sanding up to 2000 grit. Start at 400 then slowly get up to 2000 and finish with buffing compound. I think a jlf shaft cover fits on a ls-40.