Types of Mindgames?


There was a really great article on here about training your opponent to do the wrong thing in a given situation, and it used Guilty Gear and responding to Sol Badguy’s Volcanic Viper to demonstrate <a href=“http://www.dustloop.com/forums/content.php?45-Bodied-By-BF-Skinner-Applied-Behavioral-Psychology-in-Fighting-Games” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”>Applied Behavioral Psychology</a>, which got me wondering…<br>
What are other types of Applied Behavioral Psychology that can be used to create or alter the way mindgames are used during a fight?<br>
As a Psych major and amateur fighting game player, this sort of thing greatly interests me, and I would hope to develop my own mindgames the more I spend time with live competition


[]Training your opponent into doing something you want;
]Training your opponent that you will not do something he expects;
[]Giving your opponent some room to breathe after some pressure, just so he acts right away and eats a big counter;
]Pressuring your opponent so you identify when he gets to a point he loses all focus and needs to act;
[*]Developing self-control so you feel no urge to act, even after long periods of tedious gameplay.


Throw their stick out the window, making them too angry and controller-less to play well.


We need more topics like this. Breaking the etiquette of the game in game will throw people off. Analyse what is the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to go about things, and break these guidelines for a longterm advantage (if they aren’t GDLK analysts).


In fighters its a great deal more complicated but the idea of mindgames ive applied to every game and genre i play. It often proves strongest ability. My advice would be dont over think it. One or two steps down the “i know they are doing this so ill do this.” Or the ever fun “i know that they know that…”.

The idea that this concept is applied to all game genre is fundamental to say the least. Without being too specific i just analyze what my opponent is doing after or during my combos. I use that as my thinking time or when im up in blockstrings. My biggest mindgame payoff is risk vs rewards of starting a pretty dangerous combo starter that yields great results. There js also a technical aspect in which you abuse the opponents knowledge. Is this invincible? If so how long? If you know its a simple task to mix your own attack i to theirs negating it and getting that fat counter.


Not showering for a few days
Taking off your shoes and stinking up the play area


What the fuck are “mindgames”?



Play naked


hit them with magneto’s force-field counter, then scream, “HELLA YOMI! I’M SO GODLIKE!” it’s a mind-game. you’re a psyche major, right koiyuki? back me up on this.


The fuck is juice?


Seriously, just shout “hadoken!” before doing something else. It’s worked for me before.


Not doing the smart thing.
Doing the same thing twice in a row.
Neutral jumping at fullscreen.
Make really awkward noises.
Sing a song during the match.


I always though zoning in a rushdown-centric game is the best mind game there is. Annoy the opponent into doing something stupid.


That’s not really a mind game. It’s a good idea and very entertaining though.


Use Dan but don’t taunt. The anticipation will drive him crazy.