Typing programs?

Is there anybody here that learned how type via computer program?
if so, which one did you use?

mavis beacon teaches typing

Hell eyah!!! [bug splat!]

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing was the first one I used.

Typing of the Dead - do it! It works wonders and its fun, lol.

Friggin’ “Mario Teaches Typing” back in the early nineties.
I’ve played some “Typing Maniac” recently…not really a teaching aid but it is good speed practice.

Seconded. I remember Mario Teaches Typing as a kid, but I really didn’t learn how to type from it. I still play Typing of the Dead sometimes for a cheap laugh. I love how they have those mounted keyboards

Mario? haha! I remember that! I was thinking about getting it again, but a friend
of mine was totally against it. He says it really doesn’t teach you how to type.

Any MUD, preferably one with PvP.
Nothing teaches you to touch type quick like the incentive of keeping your character alive.

3rdsies for Typing of the Dead!

4th for typing of the Dead!

Speaking of which, does it have a Mac version? My dad just got a MacBook and wants to improve his typing.