Typing text messages with Arcade Stick sucks! Any solution?



I just got a Hori Real Arcade Pro EX-SE for super-cheap (bought it used, store had it priced as an EX, not EX-SE, score!), and I’m loving it. But I’m hating it for typing out messages. I thought about getting a chatpad, but (a) it would be really awkward plugged in upside-down to the HRAP’s connector, and (b) it says on the HRAP’s box that it’s not compatible anyway.

Apparently plugging a chatpad into a second controller isn’t an option, either, since they can’t both be logged into the same profile?

Does anyone have a solution other than only sending voice messages all the time? I hate getting and sending voice messages, so I’m really hoping there is some decent solution out there for typing.


I usually just send all my messages through xbox.com, unless I’m just sending out something short like “gg.” My Xbox and computer are in the same room so it’s really convenient for me.


Oh damn, I’m an XBL noob! I’ve never even used xbox.com. Thanks, man!


No problem! It took me a few months to figure that out myself so I got pretty good at “typing” with a stick. Using Xbox.com is still much quicker/easier though.


You can also plug in any USB keyboard in the USB port in the back of the console, it’ll let you type at your heart’s content.



I use this Mac USB keyboard i took from my digital Photo class. Now i can answer all hate mails at the speed of light :]


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OMG, purchased this chatpad and it really is a complete waste of money for fightstick users.

If I only knew it was tied to the controller. I had the ps3 chatpad and thought it would work the same way, silly me its BT not tied to a controller.


I also found a nice Android app, Spark360, that lets you interact with your Live account, including reading and sending messages.


About spark…I notice xbox.com was a promising way to interact in game, but things appear not to update in real time.

Is spark any better at it, or is it just basically a shell for the xbox.com site? EVO user so thinking to pick it up.


USB keyboard is the best, but if you don’t have / don’t care to buy a spare, a chatpad + second controller can work, with a little trick. Start the console with the stick plugged in, don’t turn on the controller. Only time you should turn on the controller is when you unplug the stick, and the prompt to replace controller appears. Then you can turn on the controller and it will replace player 1. When you’re done texting, turn OFF the controller BEFORE you plug your stick back in.


wrong thread young man…


Me as well or you can get a USB keyboard for probably under $10


USB keyboards are so cheap. Better and cheaper than that chat pad


Get a mic, or log in through the website on a routed PC, then click the message icon. Typing with a controller is sooo Dreamcast :stuck_out_tongue: